On the move again

It has been a fantastic time in Chicago Illinois. And fortunately other good things are waiting ahead.

I’ve spent the weekend and some more with family and dear friends and all the experiences are loaded in my own internal memory bank.

Next time I come I’ll do the tourist things like an architecture boat trip, cause the buildings here are amazing.

I’ll be sure to be at the Art museum more than one hour before they close, though the ticket was cheaper.

And loads of other things you can do. Because I’d really like to come back and see more!

Now the Road lies ahead and I’m eager to walk.


Why pre-ordering Jeff Goins’ book about not starving as an artist is a good idea


I don’t write and post very much any more. Because I’ve been stuck in my creativity for quite some time. But then there is Jeff Goins. I really can’t explain why his words always manage to find a way in to my inner core, where the creativity dwells and he re-kindles the flame within that is begging for fuel to light up my being as a whole.

So, since my Tribe Writer days I still get news about what’s going on, and now he is in pre-launch mode of his new book Real Artists don’t Starve. And since I believe in doing good to others I believe I want to share this book and this pre-order opportunity in case there is somebody out there who could benefit from his words and ideas.

This is how Jeff Goins’ team introduce the book (and yes, if you happen to be interested and follow the links below to pre-order and receive all the awesome bonuses, I would actually be helped to add a small amount to the Lisa Congdon on-line course I’m dreaming of attending) here is:

Real Artists don’t Starve

 is not available in stores yet, but thousands of people have already pre-ordered the book.
 And because they acted quickly, they have gotten access to the amazing bonuses that Jeff is offering to everyone who gets the book before the June 6 release date.

Click Here to preorder and get your bonuses:

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of the lessons from the book.
One of them is:
  • The Starving Artist waits to be noticed. Or: The Thriving Artist cultivates patrons.
This lesson revolves around what Jeff calls the “Rule of the Patron”…which is that before you can build a huge following, you have to learn to please a single reader, follower or patron.
Another awesome lesson is this one:
  • The Starving Artist works alone. Or: The Thriving Artist Collaborates with others.
In this portion of the book Jeff shares the story of the Inklings — the famous group of writers that included literary legends C.S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, among others.
These are just a few of the amazing lessons Jeff shares in his book to help YOU succeed in your creative pursuits.

CLICK  → Order your copy today of: Real Artists Don’t Starve

Oh yeah, plus the awesome bonuses you’ll get if you pre-order…

Bonus #1:
The Real Artists Don’t Starve Online Course ($100)
In this 12-part video course, Jeff teaches how to make a living off your art, elaborating on the principles in the book and sharing his own knowledge and experience.

Bonus #2:
All the Expert Interview Transcripts
Learn from the hundreds of experts and Thriving Artists Jeff interviewed during the research of this book.

Bonus #3:
Exclusive Community Access

Get special access to a private Facebook group where Jeff will answer your questions regularly and you can connect with others reading the book.

You WANT these bonuses…here’s how to claim them:
  • Go to  https: Don’t Starve
  • Follow the instructions on the page
  • Enter your email and receipt number
  • Collect your bonuses
 Simple as that!
Here’s to not starving!
P.S. These bonuses go away completely on June 6. Click the link below before then to not miss out.
With Love!


It’s April again! And time for a month of writing and reading Poetry.

You can read about NaPoWriMo here

Prompt (optional) for day 5: write a poem that is based in the natural world

I’ve spent a lot of time in the forest and by the sea, that’s where I feel really alive. And that’s where the inspiration is close.


Liberated moves in a home of the living
where I am inside the giants’ breathing
my steps are muffled by the moss clad floor
and the sky is a ceiling I have no wish to reach for.

The old crooked man with staff to lean on
is one fallen tree embracing a friend
the end of an era that no one is counting
a twig branching  lifeform of endless contour.

Now the woodland lake shouts: “Come!
I want you to stay, and be with me!”
And when darkness falls I’m still in this house
where windows and doors are so out of use

I rest in the darkness that never sleeps
and comforted by the soothing sounds
with stories of heroines and heros in mind
and dreams filled with forestlike life.




I can use my voice

but what if no one understands

what I am saying
I can use my body

but what if no one understands

what I mean
What if I don’t understand

the language of the land

or the people I meet
I will be stranded

alone on an island
I understand tears

I cry with the woman next to me

thankful that she dares to share

tears, the language without borders

relief for emotions and pain
I’d like to move on

to learn about woman and man as humans

how to not be islands in the world
I’d like to be still

to let my mind catch up

with what I learn
I sit in silence

with the wind howling outside

perhaps letting new ideas sweep in

Living in a society where I am free to share my views of life

coffee with reflection

Days and weeks have passed since Paris.

The numb feeling of loss of freedom of living the way we are used to and the way we choose is slowly fading, but still not forgotten.

Something is trying to dictate our emotions and actions. I am trying to avoid being dictated.

I look around me, in my society and see all the good things, about people being seen and heard and respected in good ways. Actions being made out of common sense and using the science and technology we know of. A society of people striving forward, the human race developing the best qualities we have and encouraging ways to grow.

I will make a point in maintaining positive thoughts in my mind.

Despite my intention, words of fear arrived in my mind the day after Paris. I haven’t been able to put them in perspective until today. Now I know that once we have realized that the method of dictation is fear the only way we could fight back is by not thinking that way.


Burning fire flying
nothing safe
fear of dying
method of rape
of freedom of living
the independent way

Those words needed to be relieved and as a method of defense. Trying to clarify what had happened. But I also believe we could, instead of using words of fear, choose the way we are thinking in a powerful way


There is a great source of energy
with endless supply of useful words
I let the words appear and bounce around
in my open mind
I pick one up, mentally
touching, smelling, tasting,
wondering where to put it
and what to do with it
Gracefully, gratefully
I am allowed to use it
to place it together with other words
making them said or written in a possible way
free to express my liberated mind

I am constantly praying for the aim of everybody on this planet to find peace and love.

I wish you a peaceful and loving day.







In the dark morning
I thought about
being alone or lonely,
I was surprised
by the full moon
when I let out the dogs
hadn’t realized it was that time,
and I knew
we are never alone
there is always someone
there are always some things
that are
bigger than me
I need to let go
and trust
in life




Would there be stars
sprinkled over the sky

Would there be waves
covering the sea

Would there be leaves
spread on the autumn floor

If there were no words,
explaining it to us

Would there be words not broken, but healing
Would there be words not of darkness but of white light
Would there be words not of fear, but of power and strength

If we do not choose to use them


Ready for Autumn?


Well I’m trying to settle in for Autumn.

Closing the door to the garden.

Wearing socks and scarf and extra pullover.

It’s not comfortable, but it is a familiar feeling, which I keep forgetting about, each year.

The English papers have been organized:


My back and arms are healing. And oldest daughter and I just started an evening course in drawing and painting, very inspiring. First assignment was fast-drawing winter landscapes 🙂


And apart from that I have an idea about another painting, just a rough sketch right now:


I’m not quite sure where it will end, in the end.

Now I must go back to studying Arthurian literature from 1138-2000 🙂

I wish you a wonderful day



Bat! med logan

Bats are very good at finding a hidden, safe place where they could stay when they are asleep. Not all animals can do that. Some are standing up, nodding from time to time, but always ready to escape if danger comes too close.

Maybe we could look at the bats and see what we can do to make our own sleeping place truly restful.

When we are sleeping our mind has a chance to catch up with ourselves. Without interruptions. And we have a chance to find out what we want to tell us.

A very wise dream healer I listened to said:

Our dreams are gifts from you, to you, about you – Louise Minerva-Li

Stay in the moment when you wake up. Try to recall what you experienced, your thoughts, emotions.

Perhaps write them down.

Let your dreams help you.

When the bats have had their rest they are very good at finding their ways, even in total darkness.

So we are grateful for what nature shows us.

And we are gentle with nature and ourselves.

This is the link to Louise Minerva-Li

I wish you peace, in night dream or day dream.



I thought about changes, transformations.

A lot has changed during the months I haven’t been writing here.

Interesting changes. Liberating.

I have come to learn how changes may heal, how healing helps us to grow, how growing helps us to live.

I am grateful to life for leading me to where I am supposed to be.

So I have changed theme of the page, again, (I really enjoy doing that). I have a million things and thoughts I want to share here.  I have lost my passion for photographing (for now at least) and replaced it with painting and sketching. And I recalled a poem about transformation I wrote some time ago, but I called it Reshapings then:

The coffee is good
strong and hot
I don’t always
feel strong
and not always
hot any more

life changes
with time
new passages
old wounds
some things
some things

I follow along
in life
enjoying my
my day
people I meet
my thoughts of joy
this is the plan
for my stay

all is forgiven
when life passes
broken body
unhurt again
unsettled mind
finding peace
life IS
a beautiful
to be


I would really love to see us all helping each other to find the best way to live together. Reaching out to see and listen to those who are lonely and don’t find the lights in life. Using our own light, our experiences and our tools to help. Every glimmer of hope counts.

I wish you a light and bright day today



All lovers before us

orkide röd vägg

All lovers before us, were we
those we have been, those we will be
only recognition I share
of all the reasons I don’t care.

All lovers before us, were we
eternity transformed in me
knowing you from long before this
the power in our healing kiss

All lovers before us, were we
the light ahead is clear to see
and you are my eternal choice
the sound of love in breathing voice

All lovers before us, were we
despite all, my love is still free
my choice is loving you once more
this is what my eternity is for


Writing slow

bok o ljus

Today I received a mail from The Write Practiceit inspired me.

One of the ideas in the descriptions of cures for  The Monster That Lives in Every Writer’s Heart is:

Writing slow

So I started.

Writing slow. I love to see the words flow smoothly on the paper. The ink coloring the white in fascinating swirls and lines, combined in an eternal diversity. Like the human mind. Writing is for humans. My writing is for me, for spreading the love I feel in my heart out in the reality, out from my system into the bigger sphere, of which I also am a part. As I keep the words inside my own body they can never reach others for help and benefit. As I reach out to comfort others I also reach out to my inner self. To dissolve a mass of emotions being untangled by each word stated on paper through my arm, hand, fingers. I thank life for this enormous possibility.

I can understand fear of words. Words help, to heal each other, but words also hurt. They can hurt so much life feels completely out of reach and as if your heart will never breathe again. (What if only we existed) And wounds raise fear, fear raises anger. Many people live with anger inside every day. That is the sadness of our race. Living with anger against all words is a very sad life. Trying to release anger from our life is a very rewarding strategy. Each one of us can work with helping ourselves, finding a word that spread a sense of love inside instead of fear and anger. One word is all it takes. But it might also take a lot of courage to search for that word. So many words are loaded, they mean good for someone but bad for somebody else. Each one must search for their special words.

When we start finding peace inside ourselves we can also start giving peace through our words to others. That is rewarding to all mankind.

This proverb has followed me for a very long time, the wisdom is without doubt. It is written a very long time ago, translated from Chinese and the author is unknown (to us):

If there is light in the soul,
There will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person,
There will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house,
There will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,
There will be peace in the world.

I truly wish you will find beauty in your life today.