On the move again

It has been a fantastic time in Chicago Illinois. And fortunately other good things are waiting ahead.

I’ve spent the weekend and some more with family and dear friends and all the experiences are loaded in my own internal memory bank.

Next time I come I’ll do the tourist things like an architecture boat trip, cause the buildings here are amazing.

I’ll be sure to be at the Art museum more than one hour before they close, though the ticket was cheaper.

And loads of other things you can do. Because I’d really like to come back and see more!

Now the Road lies ahead and I’m eager to walk.


Toxic Brew, and then Valparaiso IN

Well, there are some really good beers brewing in this country, one of them actually called Toxic Brewery, and last night we tried some, strolling the Oregon District in Dayton OH. 

And after a great breakfast at the Butter café we were good to go again.

I’m really grateful to Dayton for everything I learned there, hoping I will be back in Ohio one day.
Then we were on the road again. And around 3 hours later we found Valparaiso, Indiana.

With this guy

Orville Redenbacher, the world famous popcorn brand. Creted by Charlie Bowman and Orville Redenbacher in the 60s who lived and worked in Valparaiso.

I was also very happy to find an amazing coffe place The Fluid Coffee bar

Now moving on again


Dayton day-two

Once again I’m grateful for communication. And I’m grateful I had two days to spend in Dayton Ohio to try to learn more about this town, and the stories about men and women who has worked so hard to support their community.

Thanks to a lot of signs posted here and there I could read me to a lot of things. For instance,  the canal that had once been between the Third and the Fifth street

And  how heavy rains in March 1913 caused a massive flood that demolished big parts of the town

Later it was decided to fill the canals

I also went inside the Library today, it is amazing.



In Coppers Park right outside the Library I saw this sign

And by the beautiful Riverscape I found this

I love communicating, and I love Hope


Stories and hope!

I have a thing for this man, I really do. 

So when my feet led me to this place today it felt good to read about how important the Ohio speaches had been to Lincoln in the beginning of his political career. And that he was invited to come by his friend Dayton.

Further across some of the enourmous streets I came to the gigantic library, I would have loved to go inside and find a spot to sit and read a good book in but I did not. However I found a sign that told about how Daniel Cooper is considered the founder of Dayton because of all the hard work and improvements he made to make it a city. For instance making the roads “4 poles wide”

It is sad to see so many broken people who sit there waiting, as well as broken buildings. But I could actually also sense a feeling of renewal and hope as well. Places for different aspects of care of people were visible. It was Wednesday Walk for a good cause, I believe it was helping raising awareness for Alzheimers, and quite a lot of people were walking, across the bridges, and so was I.

 I also saw Red Cross signs in more than one place, but I never found out where their meeting place was.

I believe in Hope, and I like to think there is hope for making Downtown Ohio a good place for people to stay.

Tomorrow I will take a new tour, and find out more. Explore more about the Oregon area. We found a really good place to eat there tonight.

And not be without battery in my phone.

And btw we took a detour to Beavercreak and got a dose of Mall feeling so now I’m cured for a while, but Barnes and Nobles was nice 😉


Wearing out my shoes

I found an art suppply store today!

Didn’t really find anthing that talked me in to buying though, but it’s always a treat to walk through the aisles watching and dreaming.

Then took the free bus from Downtown to the German Village where I’ve been walking up and down the streets. Exploring cafés

and with good timing too when the rain came

And I found a book store!

Didn’t find anyone to talk to though, until a very kind man at the pharmacy department at Kroger, which btw is a really, really nice food store.

Now moving on


My Voyage

I actually like being in Findlay Ohio.

I’ve been touristing Downtown during the day. I choose the European way without a car and am very happy about that.

It’s something about being present while on foot, and the senses follow a long on each step.

Now they are playing my father’s favourite song, in the Mood, at the Baker’s cafe where I had a very fresh sallad. And I read The Courier, first time. Realized they have had a lot of problems with floodings.

That’s the thing about visiting places. There are so many things beneath the surface that I could never guess just by watching and not communicating. The thought of that is so exciting.

I’ve communicated with some very kind people here today. In my search for a nice shop with art supply I found out all were shut down but at Rieck’s Gallery where they do framing they had some nice things and I treated myself with a new notebook

My heart started to sing at We serve coffee at 114 E Sandusky str. Served an amazingly good butterscotch scone with icecoffee I was also served the story about how they give away all their profit to different charity causes. 

Well the solar eclipse passed and so has my day in Findlay Ohio. The Voyage continues tonight and tomorrow I will explore new territory.

Live Well and Prosper


Why pre-ordering Jeff Goins’ book about not starving as an artist is a good idea


I don’t write and post very much any more. Because I’ve been stuck in my creativity for quite some time. But then there is Jeff Goins. I really can’t explain why his words always manage to find a way in to my inner core, where the creativity dwells and he re-kindles the flame within that is begging for fuel to light up my being as a whole.

So, since my Tribe Writer days I still get news about what’s going on, and now he is in pre-launch mode of his new book Real Artists don’t Starve. And since I believe in doing good to others I believe I want to share this book and this pre-order opportunity in case there is somebody out there who could benefit from his words and ideas.

This is how Jeff Goins’ team introduce the book (and yes, if you happen to be interested and follow the links below to pre-order and receive all the awesome bonuses, I would actually be helped to add a small amount to the Lisa Congdon on-line course I’m dreaming of attending) here is:

Real Artists don’t Starve

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Today I wanted to share with you a couple of the lessons from the book.
One of them is:
  • The Starving Artist waits to be noticed. Or: The Thriving Artist cultivates patrons.
This lesson revolves around what Jeff calls the “Rule of the Patron”…which is that before you can build a huge following, you have to learn to please a single reader, follower or patron.
Another awesome lesson is this one:
  • The Starving Artist works alone. Or: The Thriving Artist Collaborates with others.
In this portion of the book Jeff shares the story of the Inklings — the famous group of writers that included literary legends C.S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, among others.
These are just a few of the amazing lessons Jeff shares in his book to help YOU succeed in your creative pursuits.

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Oh yeah, plus the awesome bonuses you’ll get if you pre-order…

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 Simple as that!
Here’s to not starving!
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With Love!

Day 8 – Repetition

My words, mean something to me (2)

Today’s optional prompt in NaPoWriMo: “I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that relies on repetition. It can be repetition of a phrase, or just a word.” http://www.napowrimo.net/

My life is full of words
A phrase of words
that goes on
in tellling
new words
old words
foreign words
domestic words
loving words
angry words
loaded words
empty words.
I see them
like raindrops
on my window,
my words,
in my life.



It’s April again! And time for a month of writing and reading Poetry.

You can read about NaPoWriMo here

Prompt (optional) for day 5: write a poem that is based in the natural world

I’ve spent a lot of time in the forest and by the sea, that’s where I feel really alive. And that’s where the inspiration is close.


Liberated moves in a home of the living
where I am inside the giants’ breathing
my steps are muffled by the moss clad floor
and the sky is a ceiling I have no wish to reach for.

The old crooked man with staff to lean on
is one fallen tree embracing a friend
the end of an era that no one is counting
a twig branching  lifeform of endless contour.

Now the woodland lake shouts: “Come!
I want you to stay, and be with me!”
And when darkness falls I’m still in this house
where windows and doors are so out of use

I rest in the darkness that never sleeps
and comforted by the soothing sounds
with stories of heroines and heros in mind
and dreams filled with forestlike life.




I can use my voice

but what if no one understands

what I am saying
I can use my body

but what if no one understands

what I mean
What if I don’t understand

the language of the land

or the people I meet
I will be stranded

alone on an island
I understand tears

I cry with the woman next to me

thankful that she dares to share

tears, the language without borders

relief for emotions and pain
I’d like to move on

to learn about woman and man as humans

how to not be islands in the world
I’d like to be still

to let my mind catch up

with what I learn
I sit in silence

with the wind howling outside

perhaps letting new ideas sweep in

Living in a society where I am free to share my views of life

coffee with reflection

Days and weeks have passed since Paris.

The numb feeling of loss of freedom of living the way we are used to and the way we choose is slowly fading, but still not forgotten.

Something is trying to dictate our emotions and actions. I am trying to avoid being dictated.

I look around me, in my society and see all the good things, about people being seen and heard and respected in good ways. Actions being made out of common sense and using the science and technology we know of. A society of people striving forward, the human race developing the best qualities we have and encouraging ways to grow.

I will make a point in maintaining positive thoughts in my mind.

Despite my intention, words of fear arrived in my mind the day after Paris. I haven’t been able to put them in perspective until today. Now I know that once we have realized that the method of dictation is fear the only way we could fight back is by not thinking that way.


Burning fire flying
nothing safe
fear of dying
method of rape
of freedom of living
the independent way

Those words needed to be relieved and as a method of defense. Trying to clarify what had happened. But I also believe we could, instead of using words of fear, choose the way we are thinking in a powerful way


There is a great source of energy
with endless supply of useful words
I let the words appear and bounce around
in my open mind
I pick one up, mentally
touching, smelling, tasting,
wondering where to put it
and what to do with it
Gracefully, gratefully
I am allowed to use it
to place it together with other words
making them said or written in a possible way
free to express my liberated mind

I am constantly praying for the aim of everybody on this planet to find peace and love.

I wish you a peaceful and loving day.







In the dark morning
I thought about
being alone or lonely,
I was surprised
by the full moon
when I let out the dogs
hadn’t realized it was that time,
and I knew
we are never alone
there is always someone
there are always some things
that are
bigger than me
I need to let go
and trust
in life




Would there be stars
sprinkled over the sky

Would there be waves
covering the sea

Would there be leaves
spread on the autumn floor

If there were no words,
explaining it to us

Would there be words not broken, but healing
Would there be words not of darkness but of white light
Would there be words not of fear, but of power and strength

If we do not choose to use them