Language of Hands

Lotta Wanner:

Once again I am overwhelmed by the picures and words from Steve McCurry! I just must share!

Originally posted on Steve McCurry's Blog:

Behold the hands
how they promise, conjure, appeal, menace, pray, supplicate,
refuse, beckon, interrogate, admire, confess, cringe, instruct, command, 
mock and what not besides, with a variation and multiplication of
variation which makes the tongue envious.
– Michel de Montaigne

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AFGHN-12947Bamiyan, Afghanistan

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USA-10796NFAuthor Mary Brown Ward, Alabama, United States

The hands which beckon,
embrace, soothe, and comfort us
Bid us farewell.


USA-10169NF2United States

Hands calm us, feed us, and scratch our backs.
They intimidate, bless, encourage, and stop us.  They soothe and caress.
They draw our attention to the good and the bad, often suggesting exuberance or fear.
- Charles Flowers introduction to Elliott Erwitt’s Handbook



Our hands often reveal what we really think but do not say.
They can show a range of feelings and emotions from confusion and frustration
to joy, understanding, love, and compassion. 

MALI-10008 Mali

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Let us touch the…

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The moments we are present
with ourself, for ourself
and for those who benefits
from us, as a whole person.


Holding together the pieces that are me,
holding tight! It is important.
Can not afford to loose what I’ve found, again.
Once I did, it took years
to refind thoughts, ideas, structure.


Transforming, mind and heart processing
so vividly important the whole body is involved.
where did it go that sleek, unknowing part
that wasn’t me, and was, but not who I wanted
it to be.


Going on to find out, the air that needs to be
the breathing for courage to fill me
the strength of persistence,
endurance, not giving up.
As in the middle of life itself
there is only overwhelming wish to stay
continuing growth and every realization
clearsighted reward.



regn på tulpanen

Today, a refreshing poem!


Clouds swirling, hovering
exhausted by thirst
seeking, seeking over land
for water lifegiving

Unseen stream leaking
clear, fresh hydrogenic life
‘find me, find me’ it calls
‘I want to be part of living’

Clever clouds searching
now below the clustered forest
closer to the ground sniffing
eagerly approaching its lure.



Lotta Wanner:

Today I wish to Reblog a wonderful post from Hastywords! She is a truly amazing Poet and Writer! Please read her!

Originally posted on hastywords:

I originally posted this 2 years ago.  This morning my daughter dropped her Teddy Bear and chipped its eye reminding me of this post, reminding me of other people, and of past times.


I came across a very well-worn teddy bear the other day.  An eye was missing, stuffing was exposed, and something had been spilled on it and matted in its hair.  I started to wonder what in the heck had this poor bear been through to end up so battered but I was sidetracked before I gave him another thought.  I remembered the  bear this morning.  I was looking through pictures on Instagram and came across a post from one of my friends “Froggie”, whom I have mentioned on a previous blog post.  It was this picture of his mom and dad.  The picture reminded me of a well-worn teddy bear being held comfortably in the arms…

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How do you start writing again after days of silence?

How do you dare to take the step necessary to once more open your heart and mind and place the words on the screen where they will be seen?

I discourage myself; when a new idea for writing turns up in my mind I silence it. With words like “someone has already said that, and probably in a much better way too.”

“Well, you are right” my discouraged me says. “There is no use trying.” So I go back doing some brain and soul lulling activity that the true I don’t really want to do.

Last night my true I took my hand and led me to my easel with an empty canvas on. It opened the doors to the color bottles and showed the biggest one, the one with bright yellow in.

I didn’t dare to loose time searching for utensils. I just opened the bottle, turned it upside down and squeezed the paint straight on to my fingers. Thick, creamy layers of beautiful, yellow paint. My soul looked at the paint and breathed with a big sigh of relief.

Unsecure, trembling strokes on the canvas with my fingers. The sensation on my fingertips, the texture, the smell of paint and how beautiful it looked! I was not at all unsecure. This was what I wanted to do. “Where have you been all this time??” I asked me. I wish I knew.

Can I wite about this? Or will it be another unwritten post, not interesting enough to share?

No, this one will be posted. To show the next step on my journey. To encourage others, who like me struggle to come back to life.

Together for a new life

With Love




2014-01-20 1394



The coffee is good
and hot
I don’t always
feel strong
and certainly not
any more

life changes
with time
new passages
old wounds
some things
some things

I follow along
in life
enjoying my
my day
people I meet
my thoughts of joy
this is the plan
for my stay

all is forgiven
when life passes
broken body
unhurt again
unsettled mind
finding peace
life IS
a beautiful
to be


So, I made words on a paper, again. I’m grateful.

Take care of yourself today






There is actually a word for how I feel! I like that!

Multilingualism is the act of using polyglotism, or using multiple languages, either by an individual speaker or by a community of speakers. Multilingual speakers outnumber monolingual speakers in the world’s population.[1] Multilingualism is becoming a social phenomenon governed by the needs of globalization and cultural openness.[2] Owing to the ease of access to information facilitated by the Internet, individuals’ exposure to multiple languages is becoming increasingly frequent thereby promoting a need to acquire additional languages.

People who speak several languages are also called polyglots.[3]

There is even a principle called:  linguistic relativity. Research has been made in that field to secure the theories concerning the relation between language and thought. I can easily adopt that. I do think differently in Swedish and English. Useful in some ways. Confusing in others.

Since I started blogging I’ve often wondered why I always come back to writing about emotions in English. It is so easy I don’t need to think, the words merely develops by themselves. But if I would try to translate that directly into Swedish it sounds all wrong and I loose the feeling of the content. So to write about the same topic in Swedish I need to start with thinking in another way, and then write it in the Swedish way. And in that process I have probably lost my intentions and don’t think it’s worth writing about at all.

But things have changed. I have an annoying friend who constantly tells me I should start writing in Swedish! I took a writing course and got encouraging coaching by the teacher. And I’m participating in a blog challenge where you are supposed to write for 100 (!) days. Somewhere down that lane I’m forced to use my native tongue a little bit more than what’s comfortable. And it’s good for me.

Just knowing I’m not the only Polyglot out there is interesting. I knew the fact, but I didn’t know we had a name! :)

Now I’ll jump into my Swedish blog and post no 41 (minus 7, which I will catch up to do)

I wish you a beautiful linguistic day!


Our world <3

Let us strive together for saving our world.



in our world

urging for the love

growing even stronger

abandon pain and killing

encourage care and healing

wake up, please wake up

see the world



Today is a new day and we are ready for sharing our love.



Slowly adapting



Day #7 in NaPoWriMo. It is only no 3 to me, but that’s ok. I’m following my own grieving process and things will fall into place in its own way. As things in life do if we allow it to.

Todays contribution is from yesterday but I never made it to post, today my feelings are probably a little different but that’s another story.

Two variations turned up yesterday. Short and long version:

Ver.1 – short

Calm seeking

stir inside

peace wanting

love around


Ver.2 – long

Candle flickering

trying to be calm

stay in a thought

allow it to grow

but constantly finding

one part of me pushing

serious emotions away.


Slowly adapting

for allowing

honest thinking

in my genuine way

perhaps today

one more thought

tomorrow maybe another


As always, I’m grateful to life. I’m given ways to see the light  while I’m gently allowed to grow (Shakespeare)

Today I’m posting from my Papa’s desk. My wonderful siblings thought it a good idea I’m taking care of it. He is right here with me today and all other days.

I’m finding myself again.

I send you my loving thoughts


I’m loosing time


I’m loosing time

not knowing how to start

and it frustrates me!

A thought constantly knocking on my mental door:

What would daddy have wanted me to do?

I know the answer would be; he wants me to be happy.

But I’m not really happy now.

I can’t get this sentence out of my head;

I want him to still be around!

So I ought to start writing again

but how?



The word of presence

constantly nagging

the loss of presence

forever lacking


continuing life

as normal as ever

resenting the life

normal is never




NaPoWriMo :)

It’s back!

The wonderful, beautiful Month of Poetry.:)

Follow the link on the logo to find out about the wonderful participants.

Last week I lost my dear, beloved father. My mind is still unsettled and I find it very difficult to find words for anything or everything. I will start slowly in NaPoWriMo this year and wait and see where my heart leads me. This is my contribution for day 1


I can’t make

the words right

a big lump

is in the way

between my heart

and my hand


I don’t want

the lump to

go away

because it is

all there is left

of you


I must wait

until it dissolves


or next year

I want it to go away

so that I can write

I want it to stay

so I can be with you

Tomorrow is a new day and we will see what it brings. I wish you a beautiful day today! Lotta