Bat! med logan

Bats are very good at finding a hidden, safe place where they could stay when they are asleep. Not all animals can do that. Some are standing up, nodding from time to time, but always ready to escape if danger comes too close.

Maybe we could look at the bats and see what we can do to make our own sleeping place truly restful.

When we are sleeping our mind has a chance to catch up with ourselves. Without interruptions. And we have a chance to find out what we want to tell us.

A very wise dream healer I listened to said:

Our dreams are gifts from you, to you, about you – Louise Minerva-Li

Stay in the moment when you wake up. Try to recall what you experienced, your thoughts, emotions.

Perhaps write them down.

Let your dreams help you.

When the bats have had their rest they are very good at finding their ways, even in total darkness.

So we are grateful for what nature shows us.

And we are gentle with nature and ourselves.

This is the link to Louise Minerva-Li

I wish you peace, in night dream or day dream.



I thought about changes, transformations.

A lot has changed during the months I haven’t been writing here.

Interesting changes. Liberating.

I have come to learn how changes may heal, how healing helps us to grow, how growing helps us to live.

I am grateful to life for leading me to where I am supposed to be.

So I have changed theme of the page, again, (I really enjoy doing that). I have a million things and thoughts I want to share here.  I have lost my passion for photographing (for now at least) and replaced it with painting and sketching. And I recalled a poem about transformation I wrote some time ago, but I called it Reshapings then:

The coffee is good
strong and hot
I don’t always
feel strong
and not always
hot any more

life changes
with time
new passages
old wounds
some things
some things

I follow along
in life
enjoying my
my day
people I meet
my thoughts of joy
this is the plan
for my stay

all is forgiven
when life passes
broken body
unhurt again
unsettled mind
finding peace
life IS
a beautiful
to be


I would really love to see us all helping each other to find the best way to live together. Reaching out to see and listen to those who are lonely and don’t find the lights in life. Using our own light, our experiences and our tools to help. Every glimmer of hope counts.

I wish you a light and bright day today



All lovers before us

orkide röd vägg

All lovers before us, were we
those we have been, those we will be
only recognition I share
of all the reasons I don’t care.

All lovers before us, were we
eternity transformed in me
knowing you from long before this
the power in our healing kiss

All lovers before us, were we
the light ahead is clear to see
and you are my eternal choice
the sound of love in breathing voice

All lovers before us, were we
despite all, my love is still free
my choice is loving you once more
this is what my eternity is for


Cuddling oblivion

regn i skogen

Poem of the day

Who burst into tears at St Patrick's parade
 When cheering and laughing were high
 all around
 where unsupporting crowd felt
 scary and dumb and
 the soul was as empty as hollow
Who stood there staring with
 unwilling eyes escapeless
 of space and emotions,
 no one to hold on to not one
 single person coldcovered shoulders
 unheld and not wanted
Who did she see, what caused the action
 What made the beer be useless and foreign
 and cheering and laughter absent and queer
I should have been braver and rushed,
 an aider to hold her and tell her
 all will be fine, no bloke is worth it or
 other lies as a friend would do in
 a matter like this.
 But cowarding feet stood like
 concrete on ground
 unmovable motionless traitors of heart
Instead I moved on and found
 attentive arms embracing the view
 of sadness away and cuddling
 oblivion to my heart as a grace
 of comfort, but not
 for her.



Today IS Light.

And if yesterday was difficult to choose one picture, today was impossible. Nature is the pure image of light. The air is so bright, the water is glowing and the grass and moss so lavishing green.

And the shadows are deep and dark. So to try to capture light do I choose the source itself, or do I choose the result of the sun hitting an object. I really could not make up my mind.

This is what I also saw today








H is for Hawk

I am actually reading a book, or rather, I have started to read a book . I know I should read more, it just kind of is not happening. But in book stores in Great Britain I always get so inspired. I don’t always buy anything. I tell myself “you wont read that anyway so don’t spend money on it”. But then a new book shop turns up and my eyes catch that same book again and again. And then finally at the airport I do not dare to leave with out bringing that treasure back home with me. So I started reading this on the plane. And it caught all my senses instantly. The writing mode is fantastic. I truly wish I could write like that. I still keep it in my handbag. I touch it when I search for my wallet or notebook. I know it is there. Soon I will pick it up and start reading it.

If you happen to finish it before me please tell me if it is just as good all the way to the end.

With love

and peace






To me TV is the ultimate sign of solitude. I love to watch a good movie or show but afterwards I feel more empty and insecure of what to do than ever before, even if I’m together with another person.

I used the tilt shift on Instagram to try to copy the bokeh effect in the background. Still using my phone but now I miss my camera more than ever, I really must go to a repair place with it :(

All the best to you on this wonderful Friday