The moments we are present
with ourself, for ourself
and for those who benefits
from us, as a whole person.


Holding together the pieces that are me,
holding tight! It is important.
Can not afford to loose what I’ve found, again.
Once I did, it took years
to refind thoughts, ideas, structure.


Transforming, mind and heart processing
so vividly important the whole body is involved.
where did it go that sleek, unknowing part
that wasn’t me, and was, but not who I wanted
it to be.


Going on to find out, the air that needs to be
the breathing for courage to fill me
the strength of persistence,
endurance, not giving up.
As in the middle of life itself
there is only overwhelming wish to stay
continuing growth and every realization
clearsighted reward.



regn på tulpanen

Today, a refreshing poem!


Clouds swirling, hovering
exhausted by thirst
seeking, seeking over land
for water lifegiving

Unseen stream leaking
clear, fresh hydrogenic life
‘find me, find me’ it calls
‘I want to be part of living’

Clever clouds searching
now below the clustered forest
closer to the ground sniffing
eagerly approaching its lure.



2014-01-20 1394



The coffee is good
and hot
I don’t always
feel strong
and certainly not
any more

life changes
with time
new passages
old wounds
some things
some things

I follow along
in life
enjoying my
my day
people I meet
my thoughts of joy
this is the plan
for my stay

all is forgiven
when life passes
broken body
unhurt again
unsettled mind
finding peace
life IS
a beautiful
to be


So, I made words on a paper, again. I’m grateful.

Take care of yourself today




Slowly adapting



Day #7 in NaPoWriMo. It is only no 3 to me, but that’s ok. I’m following my own grieving process and things will fall into place in its own way. As things in life do if we allow it to.

Todays contribution is from yesterday but I never made it to post, today my feelings are probably a little different but that’s another story.

Two variations turned up yesterday. Short and long version:

Ver.1 – short

Calm seeking

stir inside

peace wanting

love around


Ver.2 – long

Candle flickering

trying to be calm

stay in a thought

allow it to grow

but constantly finding

one part of me pushing

serious emotions away.


Slowly adapting

for allowing

honest thinking

in my genuine way

perhaps today

one more thought

tomorrow maybe another


As always, I’m grateful to life. I’m given ways to see the light  while I’m gently allowed to grow (Shakespeare)

Today I’m posting from my Papa’s desk. My wonderful siblings thought it a good idea I’m taking care of it. He is right here with me today and all other days.

I’m finding myself again.

I send you my loving thoughts



Another poem from the poetry course, refrains and  4 line stanzas. Tricky;


All lovers before us, were we

those we have been, those we will be

only recognition I share

of all the reasons I don’t care


All lovers before us, were we

eternity transformed in me

knowing you from long before this

the power in our healing kiss


All lovers before us, were we

the light ahead is clear to see

and you are my eternal choice

the sound of love in breathing voice


All lovers before us, were we

despite all, my love is still free

my choice is loving you once more

this my eternity is for


Another home


I really need to be in the forest, often. I find my peace there and I can breathe. It feels like home.

So today’s assignment in a poetry class I’m doing, was to use Figurative Language in some different ways, all in 6-12 lines. I managed to squeeze in all I wanted to say in 12 lines (after editing) and naturally it had to be about the forest:

bild 1 (1)

Another Home

Liberated moves in a home of the living

where I am enclosed  by giant breathing

my steps are muffled by the moss clad floor

and the sky is a ceiling I have no wish to reach for.

The old crooked man with staff to lean on

is one fallen tree embracing a friend

the end of an era that no one is counting

a twig branching  lifeform of endless contour.

Now the woodland lake shouts: “don’t come close,

seek safer sounds of bubbling waters”.

And when darkness falls I’m still in this house

where windows and doors are so out of use


bild 2

Please take care of you today!


Hosted disaster


I tried something new today.

I entered a contest with words prompt at All Poetry, a community with lots of poetry, and this is how it turned out

Hosted disaster

A secretive depression hiding
in the depths of the obliterate mind,
instead the irresistible elated brings impeccable glamour
to the viewable confidence,
to the outside viewer it seems so amusing
as if easy-going life is the only present
but the seething expressions
will no longer accept
being silenced and shut
with the label of “crazy”
it is poking and pushing and blowing
its parasitical way from the hiding within
to surfacing freedom
and hosted disaster

2014-01-20 547
The words to choose from was:

  • secretive
  • amuse
  • seething
  • depression
  • elated
  • easy-going
  • life
  • crazy
  • irresistible

I really enjoy pushing my limits and try to learn more about poetry!

I’m sending love and beauty for your day!