Why pre-ordering Jeff Goins’ book about not starving as an artist is a good idea


I don’t write and post very much any more. Because I’ve been stuck in my creativity for quite some time. But then there is Jeff Goins. I really can’t explain why his words always manage to find a way in to my inner core, where the creativity dwells and he re-kindles the flame within that is begging for fuel to light up my being as a whole.

So, since my Tribe Writer days I still get news about what’s going on, and now he is in pre-launch mode of his new book Real Artists don’t Starve. And since I believe in doing good to others I believe I want to share this book and this pre-order opportunity in case there is somebody out there who could benefit from his words and ideas.

This is how Jeff Goins’ team introduce the book (and yes, if you happen to be interested and follow the links below to pre-order and receive all the awesome bonuses, I would actually be helped to add a small amount to the Lisa Congdon on-line course I’m dreaming of attending) here is:

Real Artists don’t Starve

 is not available in stores yet, but thousands of people have already pre-ordered the book.
 And because they acted quickly, they have gotten access to the amazing bonuses that Jeff is offering to everyone who gets the book before the June 6 release date.

Click Here to preorder and get your bonuses:

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of the lessons from the book.
One of them is:
  • The Starving Artist waits to be noticed. Or: The Thriving Artist cultivates patrons.
This lesson revolves around what Jeff calls the “Rule of the Patron”…which is that before you can build a huge following, you have to learn to please a single reader, follower or patron.
Another awesome lesson is this one:
  • The Starving Artist works alone. Or: The Thriving Artist Collaborates with others.
In this portion of the book Jeff shares the story of the Inklings — the famous group of writers that included literary legends C.S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, among others.
These are just a few of the amazing lessons Jeff shares in his book to help YOU succeed in your creative pursuits.

CLICK  → Order your copy today of: Real Artists Don’t Starve

Oh yeah, plus the awesome bonuses you’ll get if you pre-order…

Bonus #1:
The Real Artists Don’t Starve Online Course ($100)
In this 12-part video course, Jeff teaches how to make a living off your art, elaborating on the principles in the book and sharing his own knowledge and experience.

Bonus #2:
All the Expert Interview Transcripts
Learn from the hundreds of experts and Thriving Artists Jeff interviewed during the research of this book.

Bonus #3:
Exclusive Community Access

Get special access to a private Facebook group where Jeff will answer your questions regularly and you can connect with others reading the book.

You WANT these bonuses…here’s how to claim them:
  • Go to  https: Don’t Starve
  • Follow the instructions on the page
  • Enter your email and receipt number
  • Collect your bonuses
 Simple as that!
Here’s to not starving!
P.S. These bonuses go away completely on June 6. Click the link below before then to not miss out.
With Love!

Attention to the Tribe

bok o ljus
This is where it all started

Who would know how coincidences may change our life.

Listening to the inner self without knowing why and for what reason. Responding to a barely audible notion from within.

When you know it is time to take action, for something that benefits yourself.

That is what happened to me that October day year 2012 when I signed up for the Tribe Writers course led by Jeff Goins.

It already started some months before. Words kept turning up in my head that I didn’t know what to do with.

Not in Swedish my native tongue, but in English.

I tried to ignore them, but after a while realized they were constructed as poems.

The words kept knocking on my mental door until I finally understood only pen and paper could relieve me from these recurrences.

This was my first poem, already edited and done in my mind, without further thinking I could write it all down:

The sound of waters
soothes the soul
no need to seek reasons
just enjoy the flow

Each day of karma
listen to the plan
a new dawn arises
in holiness of land

All together warriors of love
creativity and nourishment
in lighted souls of peace
breathing with awaken glow

To write, to feel the words
the joy that leaps inside
of reverence and bliss
a present mind at peace


I am a very slow understander and didn’t think much more about writing for a long time. Except the fact that I was writing my Journal as a lifeline in the recovering stage I was in. And from time to time added some every-day philosophical ideas I meant could be good to share for aiding others.  But I had no idea of how to share. Just a vague idea about maybe writing a book one day.

What made me look up the name Jeff Goins that day? I don’t know.

A note in a writer’s magazine about writing blogs. Did I sense there was a light at the end of the tunnel?

Once again it was the words that illuminated the mind.

The words of Jeff Goins provided relief to what the mind had known but didn’t know how to express.

I still remember the exact moment I read Jeff Goins “The Writer’s Manifesto”. The world stood still.

One specific sentence crossing the path of life and changing it forever:

You are not alone.- Jeff Goins

It turned out to be so true and so important!

I could never have done this journey without the constant support and encouragement from the forever friendly, extremely talented and wise members of the community of Tribe Writers!

When I first started I knew nothing about writing, blogging, social media, congregations, facebook groups……

It all fell in place one thing after the other in the friendly, helpful environment of the Tribe.

So many people I would love to mention. Some will stay in my heart forever. Please feel free to follow the links to their beautiful, sincere blogs:

Katina Vaselopulos , Laura Mccoy , Pamela Fernuik Hodges

Christa Sterken , Shelley DuPont , James Prescott

Kathleen Caron , Kath Unsworth , Chris Morris

Laura Naughton , Renee Baude

Brianna Thompson Wasson , Joyce Glass

Shannon Cochran

And many, many others

I thank you all with all my heart!

 It scared me at first that most of them were Christian and wrote about their faith. But I soon realised their love for all living included me as well and they accepted me just the way I was.  Our struggles and successes in writing was just the same and even if the subjects of our writing were different our work was similar and our lives are forever connected. As it has turned out their loving faith has been a welcome refuge in a sometimes harsh world and their unselfish prayers for others’ benefits surround me with the feeling of how much good there is in us humans and the Universe.

It is impossible for me to find the exact way to express the enormous impact this Tribe Writer course and the fabulous group has made on me and my life from day one and forever. My friends have stood by me in a year full of difficulties in my personal life, which of course also has affected my writing. Their constant support in all matters is invaluable.

The practical matters the course itself provides are so personal rewarding as I appreciate the value it will bring when I’ll go in for it in depth. The lifetime membership is an awesome gift since this year has been hard for me to completely follow my dream in writing. But there will be a new year coming and I will always continue to work with my writing.

I will end with a poem. Since I during this year have realized poetry is as important to me as the air I am breathing.

This was written hundreds of years ago by an incredible creative, productive, talented man. He turned out to be very famous in his own time and for centuries to come. His name is William Shakespeare.

A friend is one that
knows you as you are,
understands where you have been,
accepts what you have become,
and still, gently allows you
to grow

I wish you a day in love and peace