Where noise is,
and people everywhere
so far away from the planet’s wildlife
I enjoy the pulse
the awake every hour
I find everything to shop
but I can’t really find Mother Earth
I can’t really find Father Sun
I can’t really sense the free Ocean
I don’t really feel alive.
I need to find a living tree
with life pulsating under my fingers
touching the bark.
I must focus on the birds singing
and ignore the noise of traffic
I try to hold on to the good in life
and build myself strong from the inside
feet firm on the ground
eyes lifted to the sky
this is me


6 thoughts on “Noise (2015)

  1. Absolutely Lotta! Some wonder how I can live in this remote little village minutes from the Mediterranean. You have just told them. Nature has her own language and if we are to survive, no, really live it means we must communicate in her language. Thank you for the reminder. Even when I go into town, which is lovely, I seem to always hurry home. xx


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