Autumn tree

A new story
yet unheard of
thrill of
another exciting trip
to Fantasy Land
that might be for Real
Almost wishing it
was for real
but afraid of it too
what if that monster
really exists
what if that hero
really would cease to be
I don’t seem able
to answer a simple question
to pick up the phone and make
that important call
do the shopping
take out the garbage
I just want to be left alone
with my new friends
in that enthralling environment
being the hero
being strong and admired
having a happy ending
And then I come to the ending
I don’t want to be left here
I want that life to go on forever.
My world looks different now
I look at it otherwise
because I am different
I am richer.
My fantasy adds new inputs
to my day
and my life
I am sad and happy at the same time
when I turn off the book.


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