I   [aɪ]

Is poetry boring?

I know many people think so.

I did.

But I found out important things about the matter called po-et-ry.

  • It’s easy – you could write one word or a whole page and you could call it poetry, your choice.
  • It’s difficult – sometimes everything you write sounds great, except one word, or sentence, or line and you need to move the words around or change words to try to make it sound better and you might loose the content you intended and sometimes it’s impossible to make it work and you have to start all over.
  • The combination of words make a melody – being swept away by that tune could make you excited and calm at the same time, or either or.
  • It’s miraculously efficient – A whole story could be made in just a few sentences
  • You don’t need to love them all – only one, with the right words at the right places could give you a sensational experience when reading, and you will probably remember that experience for a while, or not, it’s your choice.
  • You could learn new things about poetry for as long as you live, from other people who’s been there before you.

I wish for you to tune in to that melody and start exploring this world of the words.

you   [ju:]

9 thoughts on “Poems

    1. Léa, there ought to be a button at the bottom where the like button is, with the “W” wordpress logo and the text “Press This”, that would be the reblog button I hope. There could also be a reblog button up to the left where you press “follow”…….


      1. There is a Reblog on the post I am looking at now, but I didn’t see it on the poem so I shall go back and look with my finger’s crossed. I believe it will let you know automatically if it is successful. 🙂


  1. Reblog is still not offered on this particular post at the tops where the Follow and Like are. However, it is on many of your other posts. I will try the Press This button and we shall see what happens.


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