You are close to me

Writing 201: Poetry


You are close to me 
yet sometimes so far away.
I see your love always but
sometimes I forget.
Mating for life like free
running wolves leading
our pack with love and respect.
Steadily standing up for each
other now and eternally.
You never leave me,
never let me fall.
All lovers before us were we,
grateful for days together.

You are so far away yet
sometimes so close.
I don’t always see your love
but when I forget I know
it is there. Grazing giraffes
reaching, stretching for leaves
in tree tops are we sometimes
awkwardly lost on the ground,
but finding ways to manage,
I will never leave you
never let you fall.  
All lovers to come are we.
Fearing the day one of us must go.

Joy and fear in endless combination.
Related endlessly in individual unity.
No way to stop the sacred loving.
You are the part of me that is not me.
I am you and you are me.