Toxic Brew, and then Valparaiso IN

Well, there are some really good beers brewing in this country, one of them actually called Toxic Brewery, and last night we tried some, strolling the Oregon District in Dayton OH. 

And after a great breakfast at the Butter café we were good to go again.

I’m really grateful to Dayton for everything I learned there, hoping I will be back in Ohio one day.
Then we were on the road again. And around 3 hours later we found Valparaiso, Indiana.

With this guy

Orville Redenbacher, the world famous popcorn brand. Creted by Charlie Bowman and Orville Redenbacher in the 60s who lived and worked in Valparaiso.

I was also very happy to find an amazing coffe place The Fluid Coffee bar

Now moving on again


Dayton day-two

Once again I’m grateful for communication. And I’m grateful I had two days to spend in Dayton Ohio to try to learn more about this town, and the stories about men and women who has worked so hard to support their community.

Thanks to a lot of signs posted here and there I could read me to a lot of things. For instance,  the canal that had once been between the Third and the Fifth street

And  how heavy rains in March 1913 caused a massive flood that demolished big parts of the town

Later it was decided to fill the canals

I also went inside the Library today, it is amazing.



In Coppers Park right outside the Library I saw this sign

And by the beautiful Riverscape I found this

I love communicating, and I love Hope


Stories and hope!

I have a thing for this man, I really do. 

So when my feet led me to this place today it felt good to read about how important the Ohio speaches had been to Lincoln in the beginning of his political career. And that he was invited to come by his friend Dayton.

Further across some of the enourmous streets I came to the gigantic library, I would have loved to go inside and find a spot to sit and read a good book in but I did not. However I found a sign that told about how Daniel Cooper is considered the founder of Dayton because of all the hard work and improvements he made to make it a city. For instance making the roads “4 poles wide”

It is sad to see so many broken people who sit there waiting, as well as broken buildings. But I could actually also sense a feeling of renewal and hope as well. Places for different aspects of care of people were visible. It was Wednesday Walk for a good cause, I believe it was helping raising awareness for Alzheimers, and quite a lot of people were walking, across the bridges, and so was I.

 I also saw Red Cross signs in more than one place, but I never found out where their meeting place was.

I believe in Hope, and I like to think there is hope for making Downtown Ohio a good place for people to stay.

Tomorrow I will take a new tour, and find out more. Explore more about the Oregon area. We found a really good place to eat there tonight.

And not be without battery in my phone.

And btw we took a detour to Beavercreak and got a dose of Mall feeling so now I’m cured for a while, but Barnes and Nobles was nice 😉


Wearing out my shoes

I found an art suppply store today!

Didn’t really find anthing that talked me in to buying though, but it’s always a treat to walk through the aisles watching and dreaming.

Then took the free bus from Downtown to the German Village where I’ve been walking up and down the streets. Exploring cafés

and with good timing too when the rain came

And I found a book store!

Didn’t find anyone to talk to though, until a very kind man at the pharmacy department at Kroger, which btw is a really, really nice food store.

Now moving on


My Voyage

I actually like being in Findlay Ohio.

I’ve been touristing Downtown during the day. I choose the European way without a car and am very happy about that.

It’s something about being present while on foot, and the senses follow a long on each step.

Now they are playing my father’s favourite song, in the Mood, at the Baker’s cafe where I had a very fresh sallad. And I read The Courier, first time. Realized they have had a lot of problems with floodings.

That’s the thing about visiting places. There are so many things beneath the surface that I could never guess just by watching and not communicating. The thought of that is so exciting.

I’ve communicated with some very kind people here today. In my search for a nice shop with art supply I found out all were shut down but at Rieck’s Gallery where they do framing they had some nice things and I treated myself with a new notebook

My heart started to sing at We serve coffee at 114 E Sandusky str. Served an amazingly good butterscotch scone with icecoffee I was also served the story about how they give away all their profit to different charity causes. 

Well the solar eclipse passed and so has my day in Findlay Ohio. The Voyage continues tonight and tomorrow I will explore new territory.

Live Well and Prosper