Village trees

höst i Hörby

I stopped by these trees to take this picture and a woman started to talk to me.

I could guess from her accent that she probably wasn’t born in Sweden.

I gave her a big smile to invite her to a conversation. We are SO lucky in this country to have people from other countries and other cultures to come here. At the last national election my heart was stabbed by worries about the high numbers of votes for a foreign hostility party.

Each day I struggle to think positive about the everyday life we must live in, where some want to widen a gap between us humans all depending on what origin or circumstances of life we have. And the language sometimes used in the public conversations is really chocking. So much hatred and verbal abuses. I am ashamed.

In this era, more than ever, people find out so much about inner peace, mindfulness, harmony and personal growing and that is amazing and as if the pendula always must swing the other way we are also surrounded by people who can’t see we are ALL part of the same life. I just don’t understand why so many people are afraid of love.

I must continue to believe the good will prevail.

I must continue to smile to a stranger.

I wish you a day with love


Books and candles

böcker igen1

A new week starts

To me it includes a lot of studying. Many books about Ethnology to read. Some are very interesting others are extremely difficult (I would have liked to say boring!). It’s interesting how the composition in a language presents so extremely different results from the way the words are treated and combined.

But there is also time for play. Last week daughter and I made candle light holders of what we call Troll dough some of you may call it salt dough I’m glad she comes up with all the ideas for playing cause I forget about it.

Troll dough is easy to make at home!

I copied the recipe from a page called WikiHowtodoanything  so the vocabulary is more familiar to you. There you also can see some really neat tips, you’ll like to look at that!

But I still think Troll dough sounds more fascinating. I like to imagine trolls in families making pretty troll dough decorations.


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 3/4 cup water
  • food coloring (optional – see “Tips” for suggestions)
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

We use lukewarm water because the dough is so nice to work whit then.

I wish you a good start of the week!

Follow the link to WikiHowtodoanything here


With a moss covered floor

skog Wilma

In the forest and by the sea is where my heart sings and the mind is free. – Lotta

Almost half the area of Sweden is covered with forest.

It’s a privilege to live here. Sweden is one of the worlds most forest rich countries.

A tree grows fast when it’s young, then slower and at a certain age they stop growing and eventually they die.

In the forestry the trees are harvested when they are between 70-120 years old, depending on what part of Sweden they are growing in. In the north where the climate is colder the forest grows slower than in the south. Forestry is very important to Sweden’s economy but it really is a business where you need to do longtime planning.

Since almost all woodland been harvested during this century not so many old forests remain but the really old ones are protected by National Parks and Sanctuaries. There are also laws to guide the forestry.

I am grateful someone is looking after and tending to this very precious environment.

The most common trees in the forests of Sweden are spruce, followed by pine and birch. In this part of the country we also have beech and oak which can’t grow in the colder climate up north.

The forest we use to visit is a wonderful blend of all kind of species.

Today is Sunday. It is a good day to visit a forest, or any other place with trees for that matter. Trees are absolutely vital to us humans.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.Albert Einstein

If what I say resonates with you, it is merely because we are both branches on the same tree. – W. B. Yeats

One interesting blog about trees you can see on Save a tree  here

I wish you a beautiful day, wherever you are


A Male Tale

fina statyn!
The sculpture “He” made by Michael Elmgreen och Ingmar Dragset 2012


Yesterday it was a long story about a very brave woman (You can see it here)

Today I will tell a short story about a male.

This statue is found in a beautiful town in Denmark called Helsingör.

The sculpture HE” is made of an idea of being a male counterpart to the classical “The Little Mermaid” in Copenhagen. He is sitting in exact the same posture as she is, but his material is polished steel, her is bronze. She has a fish tail, he has not. He blinks once every hour, she doesn’t.

I really love public artwork!

I wish you a sparkling day!



The World of Wonders, Illustrated

World of Wonders

If I get my eyes on anything old with words I just can’t let it go. I’m fascinated by the wish to communicate that lasts over centuries.

These old magazines (?) were handed over to me by my Father in Law, I guess he didn’t have the heart to throw them away.

They mention interesting experiments made by a man called Alexander Graham Bell! The price is 6d. And they often refer to matters occuring in the 1700s, not so long ago in their time.

One story specifically caught my attention yesterday, it is titled and starts like this:



THE Gentleman’s Magazine for August, 1739, records the death of one Christiana Davis, on the 7th July of that year, who served with great valour in the Inniskilling Dragoons, &c. To this extraordinary woman we would call attention. She did not serve in the Inniskilling, but in the 2nd Dragoons, now the Scots Greys, and her history is indeed a wonder.

The story as it was told was fascinating but I thought I’d better Google it to make sure it was not just a Fantasy and I did find a brief note here.

This is my weak summary of that colorful story from part 13 year (1888?). The quotes are from the original article.

Christiana Davis was born in Dublin in 1667 and already brave when she saved her mother from Papists when her father was away as a soldier. Later she inherited a tavern and got happily married to Robert Welsh but when she carried her second child her husband was kidnapped and forced to enlist in a regiment. After the child was born she made arrangements for care of her children, determined to find her husband. She cut of her hair,dressed in her husbands clothes and found a way to enlist, as Christopher Welsh. She started out as a foot soldier and then the cavalry. No one detected her secret even at field hospitals after being wounded. She kept searching for her husband and by a coincident they finally met. But since he thought she was dead he had been involved with another woman. It didn’t trouble Christiana, she quickly forgave him. They stayed in the regiment pretending to be brothers.

All through the great war, conducted by the greatest captain of that age, or, perhaps, of any other, the Duke of Marlborough, this heroic woman fought.

Eventually at the end of a battle she was severely wounded and her gender was discovered, to her distress but as a big occurrence to everybody involved. She was given handsome gifts and set free from service. Her husband was brought to her and the regiment even declared there should be a new wedding and so it was, with all the officers invited.

But somehow the bravery never stopped. She stayed close to battlefields and assisted in many ways. Once she fought the woman who wanted to steel her husband and cut of the woman’s nose (!) Later unfortunately her husband got killed in a battle where Christiana found him shortly after. She threw her husband’s body across her mare and took it away and buried it and “would have thrown herself into the grave with it had she not been prevented”.

Queen Anne presented Christiana with fifty pounds, and a shilling a day for life. She also marched with other soldiers with “streaming eyes and heavy heart at the funeral for the great Duke of Marlborough under whom she had fought so long and so well.”

Christiana died, after catching a cold while nursing her third husband, on the 7th of July 1739, 72 years old.

She was buried in the Burialground of Chelsea Hospital, a detachment firing three volleys over her grave as for a brave comrade and fellow-soldier.

This story is one of the reasons someone invented the saying “Reality exceeds imagination” 

I hope you may feel brave today




A woman who is very anxious to get children always reads ‘storks’for ‘stocks’.

– Sigmund Freud: 1904  The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.

Maybe that is ancient history. Let’s look at fact from today.

Very close to where I live there is a big area of protected nature AND a Stork project to help protect and increase the stork population in this area.

Once it was natural for storks to live here during our Summer, but when  humans ditched out and grew up wetlands storks could no longer find food for their young. The last pair was nesting 1954.

Thanks to this project about 30 breeeding pairs are now living free and raising chicks. In July they set free over 80 nestlings from this yard so they could fly to the South with the free herd.

Around Skåne (my part of Sweden) 6 yards like this are established to protect the hatchings with a total of ca. 250 storks. The goal is to make 150 free living birds in Skåne. All work is made by volunteers and sponsored by local companies.

In this yards we may visit the storks all year round but the free birds have flown away. To Africa or the South of Europe. Seems like a clever thing to do.



A village church


I met a lovely lady this morning who told me a lot about the history of the church that stands in the middle of our village.

The part shown here is “The Old part” and it was built between 1120-1140 by a man who also participated in the construction of The Cathedral of Lund. His name Carl Stonemaster (in Swedish: Stenmästare) says a lot about him.

“The New part” came 1895-1896 because they needed more room. But the economy was poor so they kept the old part, luckily for us. It gives a certain solemnity to visit a place that old. They also raised the tower by twice the height.

Inside the altar is from 1632 and a real treasure. Remarkable renaissance sculpture from this part of the world. The pulpit and the font is from this time also.

It’s amazing what a morning walk may teach us.



Shot of the day

Do I refer to the coffee shot or to the picture (shot)? It’s both actually.

In our house we have two coffee machines. This is one of them.

A very handy Nespresso machine, originally purposed as a Christmas gift to sweet Parents in Law but returned to sender when they moved to a smaller place. And we are very happy about it because we love to place the little capsule in it’s little tray and to press the wee button.

Because it is practical to have an espresso quickly made.  Speed is important, right? It is important to have had enough espressos as quickly as possible?

We all appear in periods of life when we seem to be chasing time continuously.  Different phases provide different pace. We adapt and catch our coffee as we go (or run).

But circumstances change, either automatically because life changes or because we make changes when we realize we need to catch up with living. Either way balance appears.

When we are in balance we have time to make coffee the slow way.

The second coffee machine in the house is completely manual.  Sometimes we use it. We pour the hot water on the grounded beans in the Melitta beaker and wait for the coffee to drip into the pot, then we pour some more water and wait. Stressful? Sometimes, but planning becomes a habit and the coffee tastes better.

Sometimes that extra time provides a moment for insights and a mental break and an extra reason to enjoy the soft glow from a candle light and the sweet fragrance from a flower.

In that case the time was well spent.

I wish you a wonderful day





One shot a day – observations

one shot a day

So as if I didn’t have enough to do already I decided to join the Ultimate Blog Challenge again. Because it IS so much fun, and I learn so much AND I meet so many new people online.

My theme will be observing one picture a day and share thoughts, contemplations around that, hopefully helpful and/or thought provoking to someone.

Not necessarily always with my Sony, probably most often with my phone because 1) it is always with me 2) it is always (almost) charged and 3) there is NO memory card that may be lost.

The first post will turn up today but since I need to run off to be present with my mother at a doctors appointment it will be postponed a couple (probably more) of hours.

One shot a day, sounds like a doctor’s ordination and perhaps it will be a step towards health to study one thing at the time in our overwhelming society. Sometimes when we get too many inputs there is just not enough room to sort things out.

Please join me in my observations and together we may find out if it is interesting, helpful or just plain fun.

Take good care of your life until we meet again!