Day 8 – Repetition

My words, mean something to me (2)

Today’s optional prompt in NaPoWriMo: “I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that relies on repetition. It can be repetition of a phrase, or just a word.”

My life is full of words
A phrase of words
that goes on
in tellling
new words
old words
foreign words
domestic words
loving words
angry words
loaded words
empty words.
I see them
like raindrops
on my window,
my words,
in my life.



2014-01-20 1394



The coffee is good
and hot
I don’t always
feel strong
and certainly not
any more

life changes
with time
new passages
old wounds
some things
some things

I follow along
in life
enjoying my
my day
people I meet
my thoughts of joy
this is the plan
for my stay

all is forgiven
when life passes
broken body
unhurt again
unsettled mind
finding peace
life IS
a beautiful
to be


So, I made words on a paper, again. I’m grateful.

Take care of yourself today




Slowly adapting



Day #7 in NaPoWriMo. It is only no 3 to me, but that’s ok. I’m following my own grieving process and things will fall into place in its own way. As things in life do if we allow it to.

Todays contribution is from yesterday but I never made it to post, today my feelings are probably a little different but that’s another story.

Two variations turned up yesterday. Short and long version:

Ver.1 – short

Calm seeking

stir inside

peace wanting

love around


Ver.2 – long

Candle flickering

trying to be calm

stay in a thought

allow it to grow

but constantly finding

one part of me pushing

serious emotions away.


Slowly adapting

for allowing

honest thinking

in my genuine way

perhaps today

one more thought

tomorrow maybe another


As always, I’m grateful to life. I’m given ways to see the light  while I’m gently allowed to grow (Shakespeare)

Today I’m posting from my Papa’s desk. My wonderful siblings thought it a good idea I’m taking care of it. He is right here with me today and all other days.

I’m finding myself again.

I send you my loving thoughts


I’m loosing time


I’m loosing time

not knowing how to start

and it frustrates me!

A thought constantly knocking on my mental door:

What would daddy have wanted me to do?

I know the answer would be; he wants me to be happy.

But I’m not really happy now.

I can’t get this sentence out of my head;

I want him to still be around!

So I ought to start writing again

but how?



The word of presence

constantly nagging

the loss of presence

forever lacking


continuing life

as normal as ever

resenting the life

normal is never




NaPoWriMo :)

It’s back!

The wonderful, beautiful Month of Poetry.:)

Follow the link on the logo to find out about the wonderful participants.

Last week I lost my dear, beloved father. My mind is still unsettled and I find it very difficult to find words for anything or everything. I will start slowly in NaPoWriMo this year and wait and see where my heart leads me. This is my contribution for day 1


I can’t make

the words right

a big lump

is in the way

between my heart

and my hand


I don’t want

the lump to

go away

because it is

all there is left

of you


I must wait

until it dissolves


or next year

I want it to go away

so that I can write

I want it to stay

so I can be with you

Tomorrow is a new day and we will see what it brings. I wish you a beautiful day today! Lotta




Today is Day #22  of the National Poetry Writing Month

This is the link to the Participant’s sites

There is so much fun to learn about poetry but now is not the time for me unfortunately, maybe next year in……

This is from today

It is raining today

and I love the rain.

Rain is lifegiving to all that is growing

including me.

In the stillness of the rain

I grow,

sensing closeness to nature

and myself


The pace of life slows down

in the rain,

and that is welcome

pace for my soul,

I get time to think

and to feel


The sounds of the rain

reminds me of all the rain in the world

too much, too little

and here it is just about right,

I can enjoy without fear.

A giant wave of gratitude

embraces me



Early bird catches the worm



I got up early this morning to take a moment for writing and thinking.

It was really quite rewarding at the time (but now I am sleepy and kind of regret the decision)

No, just kidding. It is a good idea to use the morning hours. If you are curious about it and need a push for it, you may read the book “Early to Rise” by Andy Traub. Here is the Amazon page for it  .

Naturally what was on my mind this morning must be another poem, so this is today’s fun

(You do look into the NaPoWriMo’s participant’s page here, don’t you?!)

Day #19

Using the first rays of light

in the morning to write

a few lines to myself

about life

and beyond

The birds are waking up

they start singing

or at least we believe

that is what they do.

In their world it might be

something completely different

than songs

for us

The trees are still bare

no leafs yet have popped out

with my inner eye

I see them all dressed in lush green

instead there is still time

to prepare for the season

of activity

Today we will make an awesome day! For ourselves and the people we meet!

Love and peach






Housework has occupied all my time lately.

No computer, no writing and no poems!

Now I am sneaking in to make a quick poem post, sorry it wasn’t possible to participate all 30 days. 😦

Here to day #18  – NaPoWriMo! Take a look at the Amazing Participants! Click Here!



Stones pebbles boulders

round hard edges

comes from all over

who would know

hot or cold


Beach cave mountain

tiny giant shapes

turn around and cover

look as new

but are old


Love and peach to you!


Chasing food

Day #13 in National Poet Writing Month NaPoWriMo

click HERE to see the amazing participants

Here is today’s try


Occasionally  thinking about food to eat

choosing, avoiding raw or boiling

living without wheat or meat or

dairy makes you weak

chasing, counting calories or carbs

preserving or picking on priceless pounds

Go, find the fat that is healthy

find the food that is pure and fresh

no harm should be made to those who

farm it, or to nature or environment


Listening to all the food experts talking

reading about nutrition, using an app

not possible the understand contradiction

all different depending on person

what is best for me?

Avoiding, avoiding

Know what not to eat

(try finding something at a café, that’s not made from wheat)


So, you don’t find the food that matches all your wishes

you choose not to eat until you do

try working when you are grumpy

feeling weaker and the brain doesn’t do what it should

Rushing to a Supermarket

(let’s hope it is clean)

searching for the righteous dish

Bananas? Fair Trade? No, then no thanks,  not for me

Fish? Not from Safe Sea Life fishing? Sorry not today.

Vegetable juice? Sugar added, preservatives, citric acid.

Not possible for me.

I am so hungry! What to do?

A small bag of organic basil seed, it seems safe.

I bring it home,

plant the seeds

and wait.


Ha, ha. I am just kidding! I couldn’t wait until the basil is grown. I need to chase food somewhere else. (And I actually do eat meat, but it was kind of fun it rhymed with eat and wheat, which I don’t eat)


I wish you a great, great day!



Syllables and stresses

Just posted a serious piece here on the blog, and thought that’s where I would put my efforts today and maybe for the first day this month skip the NaPoWriMo. Seems that my mind was not at all in to that idea, and the words kept swirling around and hand reached for pen and paper and something had to be put down.

Day #11 in National Poetry Writing Month (April)

Thought about skipping today

not writing in rhyme or counting

syllables and stresses


Found it impossible ignoring to play

inventing new sentences with words bouncing

enabling me restless


New efforts tomorrow? Either way,

in my mind the words are housing

promoting progresses


If you want to read something better than my today’s try, jump straight to this page: NaPoWriMo – Participants Page

Being a farmer

Today I will jump back to the prompt of day #5 in NaPoWriMo: a cinquain

Another completely unknown word to me and I will give it a try, I really love learning all this!

If you are curious (and I am sure you are) you will find some amazing participants here! Do click to follow that link!

I wish

a farmer with

a cap, driving  tractor

would share his confident knowing

of life


Opening a window



The prompt of the 8th day of NaPoWriMo is making something called Ottawa Prima in iambic pentameter, that is a completely new set of words for me and I have tried figure it by reading Lord Byron and Shakespeare who seemed to like writing in this way.

Please forgive me if it doesn’t turn out correct! But it was interesting to challenge myself!

In the part of the world I am in, it is Day #9


I open the window to get some Fresh Air

the air in this room feels stale, worn out and old

I sense a million possibilities fresh out there

don’t even notice the wind blowing in is so cold

I wish I would fly right out from here

it would be liberating doing something so bold

seeking, experiencing enjoying The Life

but it should be enough feel content where I am safe


I look up the roof of that tall building

I desire to touch the stones and feel the texture

like Spiderman, Catwoman effortless, fearless climbing

as the strongest Vampyre’s nostrils in the air finds the lure

how can opening a window make me a not normal being

why would I want to feel the wind in my face

in such an uncomfortable, unfamiliar, hard to get to place


If I am on my way to fly over oceans

hearing the roaring noises around and below

finding new countries, mountains and valleys

learning about people and places making me grow

are we humans the oddest of the species?

More questions than answers, how will we know?

but now is definitely not the right time to flee

when it is, will I still be me?


Waw! That was hard work! Now I admire Shakespeare and Lord Byron even more!

Do take a look at some other great poets at NaPoWriMo’s homepage, click here.

I wish you  a great day!


A new story

New week!

New day in NaPoWriMo.

Wonder if you looked at some really awesome poetry at this page

This is what Day#8 reveals

From Microsoft


A new story

yet unheard of



thrill of

another exciting trip

to Fantasy Land

that might be for Real


Almost wishing it

was for real

but afraid of it too

what if that monster

really exists

what if that hero

really would cease to be


I don’t seem able

to answer a simple question

to pick up the phone and make

that important call

do the shopping

take out the garbage

I just want to be left alone

with my new friends

in that enthralling environment

being a hero

being strong and admired

having a happy ending


And then I come to the ending

I don’t want to be left here

I want that life to go on forever.

My world looks different now

I look at it otherwise

because I am different

I am richer

My fantasy adds new inputs

to my day

and my life

I am sad and happy at the same time

when I turn off the book.