H is for Hawk

I am actually reading a book, or rather, I have started to read a book . I know I should read more, it just kind of is not happening. But in book stores in Great Britain I always get so inspired. I don’t always buy anything. I tell myself “you wont read that anyway so don’t spend money on it”. But then a new book shop turns up and my eyes catch that same book again and again. And then finally at the airport I do not dare to leave with out bringing that treasure back home with me. So I started reading this on the plane. And it caught all my senses instantly. The writing mode is fantastic. I truly wish I could write like that. I still keep it in my handbag. I touch it when I search for my wallet or notebook. I know it is there. Soon I will pick it up and start reading it.

If you happen to finish it before me please tell me if it is just as good all the way to the end.

With love

and peace


Want to read a good book?

(Sorry, you can’t click inside)


I wont get in to the complexety of what’s “good”. We all know it is a subjective word.

So lets just stick to the fact that I enjoy reading this one.


I enjoy the whining “bum”, who aginst his will experience a kind of “adventure” that he until then only read about.

I feel comforted about the topic of books and the thought “I am not alone” strikes. But I do hope I have better taste in clothing.


I can’t wait until I got time to continue reading it! (Maybe I’ll make that time now)