H is for Hawk

I am actually reading a book, or rather, I have started to read a book . I know I should read more, it just kind of is not happening. But in book stores in Great Britain I always get so inspired. I don’t always buy anything. I tell myself “you wont read that anyway so don’t spend money on it”. But then a new book shop turns up and my eyes catch that same book again and again. And then finally at the airport I do not dare to leave with out bringing that treasure back home with me. So I started reading this on the plane. And it caught all my senses instantly. The writing mode is fantastic. I truly wish I could write like that. I still keep it in my handbag. I touch it when I search for my wallet or notebook. I know it is there. Soon I will pick it up and start reading it.

If you happen to finish it before me please tell me if it is just as good all the way to the end.

With love

and peace






To me TV is the ultimate sign of solitude. I love to watch a good movie or show but afterwards I feel more empty and insecure of what to do than ever before, even if I’m together with another person.

I used the tilt shift on Instagram to try to copy the bokeh effect in the background. Still using my phone but now I miss my camera more than ever, I really must go to a repair place with it 😦

All the best to you on this wonderful Friday




drawing bliss

I don’t mean my family is not a bliss to me. Because they are, and eternally so. They are my light, my breath, the blood in my veins, my everything. But no matter how much I love them there are parts that make me sad, maybe a word or action, not even ment to harm, just my own interpretation. And the fact that we will not always be together. Feeling bliss with them in the very moment is rewarding when I practice that. And I do, try to make every moment count.

Being able to find bliss when I am working with my own ways of expressing colour, shapes, stories is rewarding in another way. The more I practice the more I find who I am inside. Creating makes the hours fly away. Finding myself helps me stand with both feet firmly. Loving myself, to love others.



Puppy bliss. He accepts it when I tell him to back off and joyfully returns when the situation is over. I laugh and play with him and he confirms me just the way I am. His friendly eyes look at me with presence. I find unconditional bliss.

But his people will soon be back to pick him up. (That will mean sleeping all nights again 🙂 ) 

Today Bliss means being out in the SUN!


Prompt: Water


Some days the view at the ocean might seem unfriendly and cold. The dampness and saltiness overwhelming. But that harshness is refreshing, even necessary, to see the life in front of us. The sea is life, salt is life and green is life. Everything is connected, and we are right here, able to embrace that.


Some days the view at the ocean is friendly and warm. We are able to embrace that too.

fina statyn!
The sculpture “He” made by Michael Elmgreen och Ingmar Dragset 2012


The story about the “Male Tale” is right here

Horisontal to try to capture the width and vertical to capture the figure 🙂


You are close to me

Writing 201: Poetry


You are close to me 
yet sometimes so far away.
I see your love always but
sometimes I forget.
Mating for life like free
running wolves leading
our pack with love and respect.
Steadily standing up for each
other now and eternally.
You never leave me,
never let me fall.
All lovers before us were we,
grateful for days together.

You are so far away yet
sometimes so close.
I don’t always see your love
but when I forget I know
it is there. Grazing giraffes
reaching, stretching for leaves
in tree tops are we sometimes
awkwardly lost on the ground,
but finding ways to manage,
I will never leave you
never let you fall.  
All lovers to come are we.
Fearing the day one of us must go.

Joy and fear in endless combination.
Related endlessly in individual unity.
No way to stop the sacred loving.
You are the part of me that is not me.
I am you and you are me.

Writing slow

bok o ljus

Today I received a mail from The Write Practiceit inspired me.

One of the ideas in the descriptions of cures for  The Monster That Lives in Every Writer’s Heart is:

Writing slow

So I started.

Writing slow. I love to see the words flow smoothly on the paper. The ink coloring the white in fascinating swirls and lines, combined in an eternal diversity. Like the human mind. Writing is for humans. My writing is for me, for spreading the love I feel in my heart out in the reality, out from my system into the bigger sphere, of which I also am a part. As I keep the words inside my own body they can never reach others for help and benefit. As I reach out to comfort others I also reach out to my inner self. To dissolve a mass of emotions being untangled by each word stated on paper through my arm, hand, fingers. I thank life for this enormous possibility.

I can understand fear of words. Words help, to heal each other, but words also hurt. They can hurt so much life feels completely out of reach and as if your heart will never breathe again. (What if only we existed) And wounds raise fear, fear raises anger. Many people live with anger inside every day. That is the sadness of our race. Living with anger against all words is a very sad life. Trying to release anger from our life is a very rewarding strategy. Each one of us can work with helping ourselves, finding a word that spread a sense of love inside instead of fear and anger. One word is all it takes. But it might also take a lot of courage to search for that word. So many words are loaded, they mean good for someone but bad for somebody else. Each one must search for their special words.

When we start finding peace inside ourselves we can also start giving peace through our words to others. That is rewarding to all mankind.

This proverb has followed me for a very long time, the wisdom is without doubt. It is written a very long time ago, translated from Chinese and the author is unknown (to us):

If there is light in the soul,
There will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person,
There will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house,
There will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,
There will be peace in the world.

I truly wish you will find beauty in your life today.




Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera


This is a picture of the Aloe Vera we keep in our house. It is etremely helpful!

Last night I was unfocused when pouring out the hot pasta water and a lot of it landed on my left hand. That is not a good thing to do. Please stay focused when you handle hot things from the stove or oven!

Daughter aided me with a bowl of ice cold water (ice cubes cold) for the rest of the evening and that probably saved me the trip to a hospital.

But this morning the skin was still very sore.

Daughter aided me with a piece of Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera liten

Spread the plant’s inside lotion on the place of the skin that needs healing, let it stay on. Repeat under the day. It really helps.

We normally use it for all kinds of cuts and minor injuries, cuticles and what more and now I also learned it helps for burns.

Just wanted to share!

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
Oprah Winfrey

I wish you a wonderful day!


Village trees

höst i Hörby

I stopped by these trees to take this picture and a woman started to talk to me.

I could guess from her accent that she probably wasn’t born in Sweden.

I gave her a big smile to invite her to a conversation. We are SO lucky in this country to have people from other countries and other cultures to come here. At the last national election my heart was stabbed by worries about the high numbers of votes for a foreign hostility party.

Each day I struggle to think positive about the everyday life we must live in, where some want to widen a gap between us humans all depending on what origin or circumstances of life we have. And the language sometimes used in the public conversations is really chocking. So much hatred and verbal abuses. I am ashamed.

In this era, more than ever, people find out so much about inner peace, mindfulness, harmony and personal growing and that is amazing and as if the pendula always must swing the other way we are also surrounded by people who can’t see we are ALL part of the same life. I just don’t understand why so many people are afraid of love.

I must continue to believe the good will prevail.

I must continue to smile to a stranger.

I wish you a day with love


Books and candles

böcker igen1

A new week starts

To me it includes a lot of studying. Many books about Ethnology to read. Some are very interesting others are extremely difficult (I would have liked to say boring!). It’s interesting how the composition in a language presents so extremely different results from the way the words are treated and combined.

But there is also time for play. Last week daughter and I made candle light holders of what we call Troll dough some of you may call it salt dough I’m glad she comes up with all the ideas for playing cause I forget about it.

Troll dough is easy to make at home!

I copied the recipe from a page called WikiHowtodoanything  so the vocabulary is more familiar to you. There you also can see some really neat tips, you’ll like to look at that!

But I still think Troll dough sounds more fascinating. I like to imagine trolls in families making pretty troll dough decorations.


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 3/4 cup water
  • food coloring (optional – see “Tips” for suggestions)
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

We use lukewarm water because the dough is so nice to work whit then.

I wish you a good start of the week!

Follow the link to WikiHowtodoanything here