Hello! It’s good to see you here!

Sharing thoughts with you makes this page much more interesting.

My writing story begins September 27, 2012 when I wrote my first post here. It was my first post ever and the whole blogging world was new to me. So much has happened since then, and so many amazing people I’ve met in this cyberworld!

 I’ve worked with administration, economy, import, marketing, selling and everything around and in between that for a huge number of years! But when I felt I needed a change I started building up and run a café, it was hard work but also loads of fun, and I really love to make coffee!

After the café I started studying; Ethnoligy, Religion, English.

I’ve been away to other countries. Born in a small, cold country and curious about what it’s like in other places I went as soon as I could. I’ve worked as crew on a sailboat in the Bahamas, I’ve backpacked in New Zealand and Australia and I’ve been around to many other places too. For those experiences I’m forever grateful and still there are many places I would love to see.

I’ve experienced religion in a congregation with all the rules for what to do and think and say. And I couldn’t carry on doing that. I’ve found new ways to look at life and beyond and finally found harmony in that.

It’s important to me to be with family and friends, to be in the forest and by the sea. I love to listen to the nature and the Big Everything that is around us.

I have received a lot on my Journey so far. One of the most important matters to me is the communication in our relation to others. Our love and responsibility to all life on Earth. The wish for taking care of our planet grows stronger as our awareness rises and our love and care for the present we share in our lives. I want to mediate the importance of seeing the being we are in contact with.

I don’t know where the rest of my Journey will take me. I know Life has been kind to me and I am happy to go along to wherever it leads me. I know I learn things as I go. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes joyful.  But I have found that the more I relax and let go of worries the more joy I find.  I tend to forget that when I’m hit by harsh realities in life. But I stubbornly hold on to my belief in all the good in Life.

 I’ve discovered it’s vital for me to write, draw, paint, photograph, experience music and experiencing life itself. Combining words with pictures and images, let them speak by them selves. To ease communication between people to connect in emotions, because in our fast society that is important. If we forget our emotions and try to fit in a shape that isn’t ours we will become so ill we will eventually explode, when all we really want is to spread our wings and fly

Closure and beginning, inevitable parts of life. In that we may find wounds that need healing but also we find relief and growing.  Let us help each other make the best of our paths of life.

I will share things with you I find important and significant. I love it when you give me your opinion in the comments.

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I would love to invite you for coffee!



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