I actually like being in Findlay Ohio.

I’ve been touristing Downtown during the day. I choose the European way without a car and am very happy about that.

It’s something about being present while on foot, and the senses follow a long on each step.

Now they are playing my father’s favourite song, in the Mood, at the Baker’s cafe where I had a very fresh sallad. And I read The Courier, first time. Realized they have had a lot of problems with floodings.

That’s the thing about visiting places. There are so many things beneath the surface that I could never guess just by watching and not communicating. The thought of that is so exciting.

I’ve communicated with some very kind people here today. In my search for a nice shop with art supply I found out all were shut down but at Rieck’s Gallery where they do framing they had some nice things and I treated myself with a new notebook

My heart started to sing at We serve coffee at 114 E Sandusky str. Served an amazingly good butterscotch scone with icecoffee I was also served the story about how they give away all their profit to different charity causes. 

Well the solar eclipse passed and so has my day in Findlay Ohio. The Voyage continues tonight and tomorrow I will explore new territory.

Live Well and Prosper


3 thoughts on “My Voyage

  1. Lotta, I have a daughter that lives in Ohio and yesterday was her birthday. However, I don’t know where Findlay is so not sure if she could have invited you to stop by for cake? 🙂 Have a lovely and safe journey my friend. Léa

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