I can use my voice

but what if no one understands

what I am saying
I can use my body

but what if no one understands

what I mean
What if I don’t understand

the language of the land

or the people I meet
I will be stranded

alone on an island
I understand tears

I cry with the woman next to me

thankful that she dares to share

tears, the language without borders

relief for emotions and pain
I’d like to move on

to learn about woman and man as humans

how to not be islands in the world
I’d like to be still

to let my mind catch up

with what I learn
I sit in silence

with the wind howling outside

perhaps letting new ideas sweep in

22 thoughts on “Winds

  1. Lotta,

    Your writing, “Winds,” evoked feelings in me. Beautifully said. Thanks.

    As I have been feeling alone lately and stranded without my sister. I miss the companionship of our shopping trips together. We loved to decorate our homes and it was fun to go on the hunt for treasures together. I’m waiting for new ideas to fill the void.


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    1. I am so truly sorry for your loss Laura. I guess we all feel stranded at some point. I’m only glad if we can help each other and reach out and connect, and in recognizing what it feels to be hurt. Love to you! ❤

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    2. Oh, Laura mou!
      Yes, Lotta’s words always bring something out in all of us.
      I feel your loss and pain. Have gone through it.
      We just lost another brother within a short time.

      Praying the “Winds” will soon blow new ideas your way, even though I know that they are in your heart as well, waiting to come out.

      Love you!

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  2. Dearest Lotta,

    Even if this poem did not have your name, I would know it was yours!

    You certainly “understand tears” and you have a way of drying them out.

    “I cry with the woman next to me
    thankful that she dares to share”
    I can imagine how thankful the woman next to you was for letting her share!

    I miss you.
    I miss sharing with you! I just don’t want you to cry.

    Love you!


    1. Katina I would cry with you any day for the rest of my life! I miss you too, so much. And I thank you so much for seeing me, that is a gift you have, and a gift you share. I love you forever.


        1. Unfortunately, no. Perhaps I shall try to build a story around the pages I have? The books were a treasure and I passed on the author’s name and book titles to my father’s cousin who will also love them. Amazing!


  3. Lotta so nice to read your words. you express such deep thought with your art. I know we all feel this way in certain times of our lives. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Sorry it has taken me this long to read your poem.


    1. Dear Kath! It’s so good to see you. I went over to you and read your story about the climbing with your family, that was so inspiring. That’s why I put my “backpack” on again and went to Ireland, where I met this beautiful group of women and a meeting that made me write this poem. I AM sorry I haven’t been more often at your place. I do love to see your art! 💕

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