coffee with reflection

Days and weeks have passed since Paris.

The numb feeling of loss of freedom of living the way we are used to and the way we choose is slowly fading, but still not forgotten.

Something is trying to dictate our emotions and actions. I am trying to avoid being dictated.

I look around me, in my society and see all the good things, about people being seen and heard and respected in good ways. Actions being made out of common sense and using the science and technology we know of. A society of people striving forward, the human race developing the best qualities we have and encouraging ways to grow.

I will make a point in maintaining positive thoughts in my mind.

Despite my intention, words of fear arrived in my mind the day after Paris. I haven’t been able to put them in perspective until today. Now I know that once we have realized that the method of dictation is fear the only way we could fight back is by not thinking that way.


Burning fire flying
nothing safe
fear of dying
method of rape
of freedom of living
the independent way

Those words needed to be relieved and as a method of defense. Trying to clarify what had happened. But I also believe we could, instead of using words of fear, choose the way we are thinking in a powerful way


There is a great source of energy
with endless supply of useful words
I let the words appear and bounce around
in my open mind
I pick one up, mentally
touching, smelling, tasting,
wondering where to put it
and what to do with it
Gracefully, gratefully
I am allowed to use it
to place it together with other words
making them said or written in a possible way
free to express my liberated mind

I am constantly praying for the aim of everybody on this planet to find peace and love.

I wish you a peaceful and loving day.




8 thoughts on “Living in a society where I am free to share my views of life

  1. Thank you Lotta. Here and all across France from the largest cities and towns to the smallest villages are planting trees. I’m hoping the piece I’m working on says it better.

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  2. What a well expressed piece of writing. I am certain many feel as you do. These are just such challenging times and events we are in the midst of. Thank you for sharing this Lotta.
    I love what LEA wrote about the planting of trees. Going on over now to see what she fully wrote.
    All my best to you.


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