Well I’m trying to settle in for Autumn.

Closing the door to the garden.

Wearing socks and scarf and extra pullover.

It’s not comfortable, but it is a familiar feeling, which I keep forgetting about, each year.

The English papers have been organized:


My back and arms are healing. And oldest daughter and I just started an evening course in drawing and painting, very inspiring. First assignment was fast-drawing winter landscapes 🙂


And apart from that I have an idea about another painting, just a rough sketch right now:


I’m not quite sure where it will end, in the end.

Now I must go back to studying Arthurian literature from 1138-2000 🙂

I wish you a wonderful day


6 thoughts on “Ready for Autumn?

  1. Lotta you are like me, you are constantly pushing your boundaries and learning new things. So excited for you, enjoy the process of everything you learn. I am sure it will all bring you to the place you were meant to be.


  2. Alas, I can relate to the feelings on autumn… however, sometimes those lower temperatures can drive us inside, near the fire and it can be an excellent place to nurture new things. 😉


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