Bat! med logan

Bats are very good at finding a hidden, safe place where they could stay when they are asleep. Not all animals can do that. Some are standing up, nodding from time to time, but always ready to escape if danger comes too close.

Maybe we could look at the bats and see what we can do to make our own sleeping place truly restful.

When we are sleeping our mind has a chance to catch up with ourselves. Without interruptions. And we have a chance to find out what we want to tell us.

A very wise dream healer I listened to said:

Our dreams are gifts from you, to you, about you – Louise Minerva-Li

Stay in the moment when you wake up. Try to recall what you experienced, your thoughts, emotions.

Perhaps write them down.

Let your dreams help you.

When the bats have had their rest they are very good at finding their ways, even in total darkness.

So we are grateful for what nature shows us.

And we are gentle with nature and ourselves.

This is the link to Louise Minerva-Li

I wish you peace, in night dream or day dream.


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