regn i skogen

Poem of the day

Who burst into tears at St Patrick's parade
 When cheering and laughing were high
 all around
 where unsupporting crowd felt
 scary and dumb and
 the soul was as empty as hollow
Who stood there staring with
 unwilling eyes escapeless
 of space and emotions,
 no one to hold on to not one
 single person coldcovered shoulders
 unheld and not wanted
Who did she see, what caused the action
 What made the beer be useless and foreign
 and cheering and laughter absent and queer
I should have been braver and rushed,
 an aider to hold her and tell her
 all will be fine, no bloke is worth it or
 other lies as a friend would do in
 a matter like this.
 But cowarding feet stood like
 concrete on ground
 unmovable motionless traitors of heart
Instead I moved on and found
 attentive arms embracing the view
 of sadness away and cuddling
 oblivion to my heart as a grace
 of comfort, but not
 for her.


15 thoughts on “Cuddling oblivion

  1. Wow you are an empath for sure Lotta, not many people in a crowd see or notice this. I would have noticed her too, but probably would have done the same thing and left her to her sorrow. The world can be a cruel place.

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  2. Well done as always Lotta. The photo, the poem and even the title. I’m afraid I may have to “borrow” that title as it has left images running about in my head… 😉

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