Today IS Light.

And if yesterday was difficult to choose one picture, today was impossible. Nature is the pure image of light. The air is so bright, the water is glowing and the grass and moss so lavishing green.

And the shadows are deep and dark. So to try to capture light do I choose the source itself, or do I choose the result of the sun hitting an object. I really could not make up my mind.

This is what I also saw today







18 thoughts on “Light

  1. Lotta, I’ve never known a Lotta! Is it short for something? I wanted to thank you for sharing and visiting my blog, but as I was responding, something happened, the box turned red, and words something like “Comment Destroyed” flashed on my screen. And I couldn’t find it anywhere. Lost in cyber space. So…thanks for visiting because then I discovered your site. Lovely photos!!! I’m finding Photo 101 interesting, but demanding me to think. And it’s time consuming!

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    1. Haha! I know, things happen. I was very happy to see your blog and your photos. I liked the way you expressed your thinking 😃 thanks for looking at mine. Lotta is short for Charlotte btw 😃 What stands badfish for? Photo101 has boosted my creativity for a while thats nice. 😃

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  2. Beautiful words, and images,
    light, and insight,
    that make shadows stand out
    but bring comfort instead of fright.

    Love you Lotta and your wise insight!


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