Some days the view at the ocean might seem unfriendly and cold. The dampness and saltiness overwhelming. But that harshness is refreshing, even necessary, to see the life in front of us. The sea is life, salt is life and green is life. Everything is connected, and we are right here, able to embrace that.


Some days the view at the ocean is friendly and warm. We are able to embrace that too.

fina statyn!
The sculpture “He” made by Michael Elmgreen och Ingmar Dragset 2012


The story about the “Male Tale” is right here

Horisontal to try to capture the width and vertical to capture the figure 🙂


17 thoughts on “Prompt: Water

  1. My father said that I have salt water in my veins and that I have no doubt. He also told me a tiny story when I was quite young (the only story). He said that I hadn’t been born like other children but that the waves had washed me up onto the beach. He said that he felt sorry for this tiny girl alone on the beach and took me with him. As a very young child, I often wondered as I never had any fear in the sea and never wanted to leave it. 😉
    One of the reasons we are so attached to the sea is because we feel better. This may be partly due to the high natural concentration of Lithium in the air.

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