höst i Hörby

I stopped by these trees to take this picture and a woman started to talk to me.

I could guess from her accent that she probably wasn’t born in Sweden.

I gave her a big smile to invite her to a conversation. We are SO lucky in this country to have people from other countries and other cultures to come here. At the last national election my heart was stabbed by worries about the high numbers of votes for a foreign hostility party.

Each day I struggle to think positive about the everyday life we must live in, where some want to widen a gap between us humans all depending on what origin or circumstances of life we have. And the language sometimes used in the public conversations is really chocking. So much hatred and verbal abuses. I am ashamed.

In this era, more than ever, people find out so much about inner peace, mindfulness, harmony and personal growing and that is amazing and as if the pendula always must swing the other way we are also surrounded by people who can’t see we are ALL part of the same life. I just don’t understand why so many people are afraid of love.

I must continue to believe the good will prevail.

I must continue to smile to a stranger.

I wish you a day with love


11 thoughts on “Village trees

  1. Thank you so much Lotta! This is exactly what I needed to read this morning. The skies are very grey today and I’m afraid I felt grey as well. Yet, with your post you have brought the sunshine out! I am truly grateful. I always give smiles to those who don’t appear to have any. As you know, smiles are contagious so spread them around.
    I must admit to seeing a lot of hate before arriving here. Today I am buffered in my little village where it is tranquil and accepting of others. One may be a “stranger” when they arrive here but if they want to be part of the village, they are welcomed.


      1. Absolutely Lotta! One of the songs that plays frequently in my head, and old favourite, “Imagine”. People say I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one… If we don’t envision a better world, we cannot work toward one. Thanks again for the sunshine! 🙂

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  2. A lovely post Lotta. True for England too I’m afraid. We are all fearful of the ‘stranger’ nowadays and the media have intensified these feelings. Will we be meeting when you come over to look at our London trees? They are changing now but the autumn colours are limp through days of rain. Bring a little sunshine with you. Della

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  3. Leave it up to you Lotta, to bring out love and harmony to the world! A beautiful post!

    Bad and good are parts of the same. Always have been. It seems that no matter where you look lately, the bad reigns. This can be disheartening if we let it. There is much more good in the world, but nobody talks about in the news. Good and God work in quiet ways…don’t make loud noises to draw attention. They work in quiet ways…in soft words…and gentle gestures…in giving rather than asking… in LOVE and SPIRIT.

    It might take a long while, but the world’s DNA is evolving toward the sacred. And we, contribute to that evolution in any measure we are able to. And you my friend, are leading the way!

    Blessings and light, always!

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