fina statyn!
The sculpture “He” made by Michael Elmgreen och Ingmar Dragset 2012


Yesterday it was a long story about a very brave woman (You can see it here)

Today I will tell a short story about a male.

This statue is found in a beautiful town in Denmark called Helsingör.

The sculpture HE” is made of an idea of being a male counterpart to the classical “The Little Mermaid” in Copenhagen. He is sitting in exact the same posture as she is, but his material is polished steel, her is bronze. She has a fish tail, he has not. He blinks once every hour, she doesn’t.

I really love public artwork!

I wish you a sparkling day!



11 thoughts on “A Male Tale

  1. Thank you Lotta! Make art not wars… I was not familiar with this statue but did enjoy it. I would love to find shots of the two I could set side by side as I know there is a story or poem there.


      1. I shall look into it but I’m afraid other work is waiting impatiently before I dare go there… Of course, if the muse has her way, I am left mute in the debate! 🙂 C’est la vie!


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