A woman who is very anxious to get children always reads ‘storks’for ‘stocks’.

– Sigmund Freud: 1904  The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.

Maybe that is ancient history. Let’s look at fact from today.

Very close to where I live there is a big area of protected nature AND a Stork project to help protect and increase the stork population in this area.

Once it was natural for storks to live here during our Summer, but when  humans ditched out and grew up wetlands storks could no longer find food for their young. The last pair was nesting 1954.

Thanks to this project about 30 breeeding pairs are now living free and raising chicks. In July they set free over 80 nestlings from this yard so they could fly to the South with the free herd.

Around Skåne (my part of Sweden) 6 yards like this are established to protect the hatchings with a total of ca. 250 storks. The goal is to make 150 free living birds in Skåne. All work is made by volunteers and sponsored by local companies.

In this yards we may visit the storks all year round but the free birds have flown away. To Africa or the South of Europe. Seems like a clever thing to do.



11 thoughts on “Storks

  1. Perhaps one day I shall see one here in the south of France? We do get millions of Flamingos every year between October and April. Last year was a bit off as they began arriving in early September. The only constant in this life is change. Lovely post!


  2. What a interesting, tender story to share, Lotta mou! And what a place to visit!

    We see them in Greece during the summers we travel there. Amazing birds! They nest high up on wooden Telegraph poles. This project should be an example for others to follow!


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