Do I refer to the coffee shot or to the picture (shot)? It’s both actually.

In our house we have two coffee machines. This is one of them.

A very handy Nespresso machine, originally purposed as a Christmas gift to sweet Parents in Law but returned to sender when they moved to a smaller place. And we are very happy about it because we love to place the little capsule in it’s little tray and to press the wee button.

Because it is practical to have an espresso quickly made.  Speed is important, right? It is important to have had enough espressos as quickly as possible?

We all appear in periods of life when we seem to be chasing time continuously.  Different phases provide different pace. We adapt and catch our coffee as we go (or run).

But circumstances change, either automatically because life changes or because we make changes when we realize we need to catch up with living. Either way balance appears.

When we are in balance we have time to make coffee the slow way.

The second coffee machine in the house is completely manual.  Sometimes we use it. We pour the hot water on the grounded beans in the Melitta beaker and wait for the coffee to drip into the pot, then we pour some more water and wait. Stressful? Sometimes, but planning becomes a habit and the coffee tastes better.

Sometimes that extra time provides a moment for insights and a mental break and an extra reason to enjoy the soft glow from a candle light and the sweet fragrance from a flower.

In that case the time was well spent.

I wish you a wonderful day





6 thoughts on “Shot of the day

  1. Call me old fashioned but a good cup of coffee is worth waiting for. Fortunately, the local café is just down the street. You must realise that coffee is a basic food group right along side red wine, chocolate… 🙂

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