Today I wish to Reblog a wonderful post from Hastywords! She is a truly amazing Poet and Writer! Please read her!


I originally posted this 2 years ago.  This morning my daughter dropped her Teddy Bear and chipped its eye reminding me of this post, reminding me of other people, and of past times.


I came across a very well-worn teddy bear the other day.  An eye was missing, stuffing was exposed, and something had been spilled on it and matted in its hair.  I started to wonder what in the heck had this poor bear been through to end up so battered but I was sidetracked before I gave him another thought.  I remembered the  bear this morning.  I was looking through pictures on Instagram and came across a post from one of my friends “Froggie”, whom I have mentioned on a previous blog post.  It was this picture of his mom and dad.  The picture reminded me of a well-worn teddy bear being held comfortably in the arms…

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