2014-01-20 1394



The coffee is good
and hot
I don’t always
feel strong
and certainly not
any more

life changes
with time
new passages
old wounds
some things
some things

I follow along
in life
enjoying my
my day
people I meet
my thoughts of joy
this is the plan
for my stay

all is forgiven
when life passes
broken body
unhurt again
unsettled mind
finding peace
life IS
a beautiful
to be


So, I made words on a paper, again. I’m grateful.

Take care of yourself today




12 thoughts on “Reshapings

  1. I love that……I don’t always feel strong and certainly not hot any more…….BUT at least we can still feel, touch, smell and hear a new day. We may not be young, I know my body has limits now that I never had before. But my mind can still wander and your words certainly do a good job of that. Taking me some where I never thought of going on that particular day…thanks friend we will grow old in style using our unique minds and sharing our thoughts with the world.


  2. Thanks Lotta, my ‘re-shaping’ goes on every day. I’m trying to fit myself into the reality I know although I don’t like that reality one little bit. Tricky eh!


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