There is actually a word for how I feel! I like that!

Multilingualism is the act of using polyglotism, or using multiple languages, either by an individual speaker or by a community of speakers. Multilingual speakers outnumber monolingual speakers in the world’s population.[1] Multilingualism is becoming a social phenomenon governed by the needs of globalization and cultural openness.[2] Owing to the ease of access to information facilitated by the Internet, individuals’ exposure to multiple languages is becoming increasingly frequent thereby promoting a need to acquire additional languages.

People who speak several languages are also called polyglots.[3]


There is even a principle called:  linguistic relativity. Research has been made in that field to secure the theories concerning the relation between language and thought. I can easily adopt that. I do think differently in Swedish and English. Useful in some ways. Confusing in others.

Since I started blogging I’ve often wondered why I always come back to writing about emotions in English. It is so easy I don’t need to think, the words merely develops by themselves. But if I would try to translate that directly into Swedish it sounds all wrong and I loose the feeling of the content. So to write about the same topic in Swedish I need to start with thinking in another way, and then write it in the Swedish way. And in that process I have probably lost my intentions and don’t think it’s worth writing about at all.

But things have changed. I have an annoying friend who constantly tells me I should start writing in Swedish! I took a writing course and got encouraging coaching by the teacher. And I’m participating in a blog challenge where you are supposed to write for 100 (!) days. Somewhere down that lane I’m forced to use my native tongue a little bit more than what’s comfortable. And it’s good for me.

Just knowing I’m not the only Polyglot out there is interesting. I knew the fact, but I didn’t know we had a name! 🙂

Now I’ll jump into my Swedish blog and post no 41 (minus 7, which I will catch up to do)

I wish you a beautiful linguistic day!


6 thoughts on “Polyglot!

  1. Very talented lady Lotta no matter in which language you use. my daughter actually asked me the other day how did the first language start and which one was it….oh my will have to google that one, but I thought it was a very good question, she loves making up her own languages lol.


    1. Languages are so interesting! The way we want to communicate! It IS a good question how did we start. Her own language sounds very exciting! She already is very good in English but wants to express her self in other languages too! She’s a polyglot of course! 😃


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