Day #7 in NaPoWriMo. It is only no 3 to me, but that’s ok. I’m following my own grieving process and things will fall into place in its own way. As things in life do if we allow it to.

Todays contribution is from yesterday but I never made it to post, today my feelings are probably a little different but that’s another story.

Two variations turned up yesterday. Short and long version:

Ver.1 – short

Calm seeking

stir inside

peace wanting

love around


Ver.2 – long

Candle flickering

trying to be calm

stay in a thought

allow it to grow

but constantly finding

one part of me pushing

serious emotions away.


Slowly adapting

for allowing

honest thinking

in my genuine way

perhaps today

one more thought

tomorrow maybe another


As always, I’m grateful to life. I’m given ways to see the light  while I’m gently allowed to grow (Shakespeare)

Today I’m posting from my Papa’s desk. My wonderful siblings thought it a good idea I’m taking care of it. He is right here with me today and all other days.

I’m finding myself again.

I send you my loving thoughts


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