I’m loosing time

not knowing how to start

and it frustrates me!

A thought constantly knocking on my mental door:

What would daddy have wanted me to do?

I know the answer would be; he wants me to be happy.

But I’m not really happy now.

I can’t get this sentence out of my head;

I want him to still be around!

So I ought to start writing again

but how?



The word of presence

constantly nagging

the loss of presence

forever lacking


continuing life

as normal as ever

resenting the life

normal is never




4 thoughts on “I’m loosing time

  1. The magic will come back to you, right now do what feels comforting and natural. When my father left us it took some time to find the sunshine again, don’t force it and one day it will show up. Memories are all we have, its okay to get lost in them for a short while. Sometimes I write down a single memory about my dad, something I found endearing. We will be here when you are ready to write again. Wishing you some peace and love from across the miles.


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