I tried something new today.

I entered a contest with words prompt at All Poetry, a community with lots of poetry, and this is how it turned out

Hosted disaster

A secretive depression hiding
in the depths of the obliterate mind,
instead the irresistible elated brings impeccable glamour
to the viewable confidence,
to the outside viewer it seems so amusing
as if easy-going life is the only present
but the seething expressions
will no longer accept
being silenced and shut
with the label of “crazy”
it is poking and pushing and blowing
its parasitical way from the hiding within
to surfacing freedom
and hosted disaster

2014-01-20 547
The words to choose from was:

  • secretive
  • amuse
  • seething
  • depression
  • elated
  • easy-going
  • life
  • crazy
  • irresistible

I really enjoy pushing my limits and try to learn more about poetry!

I’m sending love and beauty for your day!


9 thoughts on “Hosted disaster

  1. Lotta a very powerful and brave piece, you have such a talent with words. What a great challenge poetry is the key for you it brings out such raw honesty and I love the photo’s too. Thank you for sharing it.


  2. Wow! Deep and beautiful, my wonderful Lotta!

    Oh, this mind of ours…Oblivious to anything going on inside! Even though most often the heart is deeply hidden within, it’s there and always finds ways to bring to surface both its pains and needs, its inspirations and aspirations. All we need to do is to silence the babbling egotistical mind long enough to allow the heart’s musings to be heard and befriend each other.

    If anyone can unite heart and mind, it’s you my friend!

    Blessings and light!


  3. Powerful poetic words and imagery here! You convey so much with a deft lightness of touch. Lovely. The mind has ways of trying to hide the parasites within. Yet they have a way of surfacing to freedom. I can empathise with the desire for release and inner fear in the opening up. Great image too! Thank you, Lotta. : ) x


    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Joy! It really means a lot! I love to follow your poetry and your photographs, you show a way of appreciating and loving life so much,what comes from seeing other sides of life too and still holding hope, love and thankfulness highest. Connected in sensing the uttermost reward in finding peace in love in our hearts. Thank you.


  4. You did an excellent job with such challenging words! Having to work prompted words into a final piece would have thrown me for a loop. Like Kath stated, you have a real talent for expressing your heart. I liked that you were willing to try something new and get such success from it. Keep it up, girl!


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