Driving on a highway. It’s early in the morning. The road is empty and dark. Struggling with the darkness and thankful there is no traffic.

I become aware of a change in the sky around me. A nuance not so dark as before. Sensing the light of day arriving.

My heart jumps. I am beginning to smile. Because I am in a lifegiving moment of hope. Hope that dawn is breaking once more and I don’t need to drive in the dark any longer.

Like in life.

There is always a dawn somewhere.

Something may be the dawn in your life.

It could be a sentence you read, a piece of music, a chat with a true friend, a picture you like, a photograph or anything else. Something that lights the light, just for you.

Impossible Moments
To be Possible
or just Now

halv sol

Please be careful with your life right now.

I wish you a wonderful day!


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