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Sometimes life feels crowded. Stuffy. We want to do something, but do not really know what.

We might be looking at the details that disturb us and miss the whole beauty of the great?

Imagine how much our life actually contains.

Every millisecond of our being is fulfilled by the life-giving energies that get our whole body system to function. The incredibly complex apparatus that is our existence. It’s quite amazing when you really think about it! I would love to try and take care of my life, but sometimes I forget it, usually.

When I close my eyes and listen to the song and the music in this video for example, I think it is so beautiful that I want to both laugh and cry. If there is a heaven, I think the music sounds like this there. You probably have something that makes your heart sing when you see or hear it. Give yourself the opportunity to seek the experience and actually enjoy it.

To see some more of the big picture, we need to step out of our comfort zone and try something we’ve never done before. Our body and our mind can be so much more than we think, and deep down we long to stretch our limits. Let’s just start with small steps if we are uncertain, but further out to experience life we ​​want!

I wish you a wonderful day!


5 thoughts on “What makes your heart sing?

  1. Words spoken from your heart to soothe the hearts of others, dear Lotta! Always bringing music and sunshine to my days! I needed them today! I love the Bocelli, Ennya, and Gregorian Chants you shared. l Had not listened to them for a while. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing


  2. Lotta every moment counts and I think music soothes the soul, I play music when I draw. I have to have silence when I write but when illustrating it brings a certain inspiration and I love how music can set the emotions running, lovely reminder to experience the joys of music.


    1. Funny how we each find our ways! I listen to different kind of music depending on what I write, but early in the morning with just pen and paper it is all quiet. Thank you for sharing beautiful Kath!


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