The importance of realizing that our days could be over before we plan them to be.

I know, it doesn’t sound likely, but still, it has been known to happen.

It’s easy to be distracted by everything happening around us and we forget. But deep, down inside we know. We just prefer to forget.

We all have different ways of approaching our lives and following our believes for this life and after. There is an everlasting flow of of words to describe this in books and cyberworld. And that is good, we need to study different ways of thinking and learn and adjust to our own mind to grow and adapt a peaceful and acceptant view of this.

I have two comparing situations from my life where I really thought the end was near. First time was at sea in a thunderstorm on a sailboat without it’s mast. It had fallen in a storm some weeks before. Lacking the mast there was no balance in the vessel and the waves and the wind tossed and turned us at their own free will. I was very afraid, quite certain I would never see my parents again.

20 years later I was in a small wooden shed in the forest. Another thunderstorm. At first I didn’t mind but as it drew closer I could sense the electricity vibrating through the shed and a tickling feeling in my hands was wakening me. I needed to take precautions. I separated myself from anything with metal and searched for all rubber material to surround myself with, it wasn’t much, and then I sat down. I went into a meditative stage and believed myself when I with honesty said that if this was the time for me to go it is ok. That peace and calmness I felt that day I still carry with me. I seriously think it is ok to go, when it is time. I am relieved to know I have learned things during my journey.

So the problem is not that we are going.

The problem is that someone knowing us will still be here.

That’s why we need to help them.

That’s why it is important to write that letter to those we love. Explain things to our people we believe it is important for them to know if we are not there to say the words.

To help them concerning practical matters. They might be in too much grief to know what decisions to make.

Maybe letters to our children for the different stages in their lives.

Maybe a forgive me letter to that person.

Maybe a I love you letter to that person.

Actually exactly what turns up in our head when we start thinking about it. That is probably the most important letter of all to write.

Perhaps everybody except me  has already done this, in that case it is good. I just recently became aware of it. After the shocking news about a person we know never came home to his family after work one day because of a heart attack in his car. He was exactly the same age as me. A nice friendly person I really enjoyed talking to! I really hope he had had the time to write down those words to his family.

I hope I’ll be allowed to stay a little longer. There are still things to do on my bucket list, new things to find out, people to help, letters to write.

In the meantime I’ll do my very best to live life.

What about you?

I wish you a wonderful life




22 thoughts on “Not enough time

  1. I’m finding as I age, there’s a keener sense of my mortality. Some days, as I walk down stairs early in the morning, I realize that my life could be snatched in a second. I could have a brain aneurism and drop dead as I walk down the stairs (I have a dear friend who died this way). Or, someone who is texting while driving could cross over into my lane. It’s not that I’m morbid, I just think each day should be spent with care and wisdom. My prayer is that maybe that particular day I might have made a difference in someone’s life.


  2. This is excellent Lotta. Everybody lives like they’re never going to die, and it just isn’t so. The end of our life is just the beginning of the next adventure! But we should still be prepared, as much as we can.


  3. Loooved this, Lotta. You are such a special lady. The way you see and sense things–you perceive. Your openness to grow, change, and reframe your beliefs in the light of deeper and truer discovery, it is new fallen snow–refreshing. Thx for your words today.

    Love you,

    Shannon Cochran Wife. Mom. Writer. Life-giver. http://www.TodaysLadyVirtue.com

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Such deep thoughts and a very good point you make here, Lotta. I will be thinking about the letters I would write. This would make a great challenge for Tribe Writers.


  5. What a great post Lotta, with thoughts we all think yet do little or nothing about. You are always inspiring and encouraging me to be a better and deeper, stronger and wiser person. More than that, we are so far yet we both share so much. It is such a coincidence that I too and my whole family saw death with our eyes when aboard a boat on our way from the Ionian island, Zakynthos, across to Peloponnesus. It was one of the scariest times in our lives.

    Another coincidence is that tonight, working on my memoirs, I was writing to my grand children telling them things I have meant to tell them but not always making it. I wrote Spyros a letter on our anniversary one year, pouring my love out. He has been carrying it with him ever since. Embarrassed, when I saw an envelope on the bed when he was emptying his jacket for the cleaners, he had to show me what it was, because I was teasing him about it.

    What I get out of your words is that we should live every moment as if it was the last and make plans as if we had another life ahead of us. (I think I read or heard this somewhere.)

    Blessings and love within and all around you my beautiful Lotta!


  6. Lotta, I don’t know why but I am so in tune with this thought that today could be your last day, maybe it is the loss of people close to me that I often thank the man upstairs for allowing me time on earth. I have written diaries for my children how they were like when they were born and yes some lessons on life but maybe it is time to write some new ones, what a beautiful post to remind us every day could be our last…… cherish the moments my friend I know I do and my connections with soulful writers such as you.


  7. The last time I flew I left letters for my three children. This is a good idea, to take care of those we leave behind. To write the letters and say I love you one more time. Thank you Lotta.


  8. Lotta, the way you write in english has flow, your best language I suppose??
    Nice thinking about letters do good! And time enough …
    Min engelska är dålig, behöver träna … kram


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