There was a fall last year too!

This photo was taken at that time. But it could also have been this year, or maybe next year.

It is a marvellous thing, journeys’ beginnings and endings. Circles completed. Our lives follow the rhythms of nature, of life.

Last year I was inspired to write this down:

A single leaf on a giant tree

sticks to the branch like forever.

The old crooked arms  holds on to the leaf,

connected in memories of warmth.

While colder the days and darker the nights,

through wind and rain, it stays

Then it is time, and without hesitation

the leaf leaps the air on its final jump.

One soundless journey,  swirling and gliding,

the destined ride to the ground.

A lonely tree stands the winter

moaning and waiting for spring.

The friend will be back embracing the branch

and the heart of the tree will be glad.

The ending of fall. The beginning of my friendship with a dear friend. This poem gave me the first comment about my blog. A Twitter message was waiting for me when I woke up in the morning. I hardly knew how to handle Twitter. I couldn’t figure out who this person was. And she said she liked my poem. Amazing. My world changed forever from that day. Dear Katina Vaselopulos you are a beautiful poet, writer, philosopher and friend. Thank you for that twitter message. (watch her guest post here)

During this year I have seen the beginning of many beautiful new friendships! They are all supporting me in some ways and I am forever grateful for them! They are all so valuable to me!

Endings and beginnings. Are there necessary endings you must do in your life to make life grow? Are there beautiful new beginnings waiting for you? Maybe you need to let go of the old to find beauty in the new? Maybe you change someone’s life today by sending a message or maybe you find a beginning in a new friend today.

Embrace your life today! Feel your life. Take your life to your heart.

Be the one you want to be.


6 thoughts on “A year ago

  1. Lotta, IS this your celebration post for one year Tribe Writers. Feels like it is. Although you do not mention TWs. You can link to Jeffs post from Tuesday Brenda S. IS compiling each of our contributions in a book. Love you Laura


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