Sometimes reviewing our years gives a perspective of matters in life.

So thats what I am doing today.

Around this time of the year 20 years ago I was expecting my first daughter, but I wasn’t aware of it yet.

I had been on my long Global Journey, arrived home, settled with the man in my life and started to work again.

And while we were expecting we realized we needed a place of our own to raise our child. We couldn’t see ourselves adjusting to neighbours telling us what to do and not to do. ( We had some really interesting neighbours where we lived at that time)

After searching around for a long time we found the place. It looked pretty and nature was just outside our door. We could see the horizon in three directions and on the fourth we were sheltered by a long row of sturdy, old Maple trees.

Then we realized the house was in need of major renovations! So these past 20 years contained raising three beautiful children, constant house renovating and working. Not surprisingly the years flew by.

I am glad we managed to go on family vacations. Mostly aiming for the big cities in the world in contrast to the earthbound, close to nature every day life we lived.

Now we have moved in to the village, that is nice. But when I go to the old house the view of the horizon strikes me again. Just like it did 20 years ago. I have no horizon in view in the village.

Now I have more time to be creative but I need the nature to inspire me.

That old house has taught me a lot about nature. About being close to nature in contrast to being wrapped up in the everyday life of having other humans and a comfortable, supplied life all around.

I believe it is easier to understand the Life if we turn our attention to Nature, the natural life, the origin.

If we view the life in  a perspective before this stage of technological progress. All the media and technical ways confuses our minds that much we can’t find ourselves and our fellow humans and animals. So we no longer can hear our inner thoughts and emotions.

We pay a very high prize for that condition. Depressions, exhaustions and other related diseases.

I love media and technology. It helps me connect with people I love. But we must learn how to turn off. Watch the horizon and connect with ourself.

I wish

a farmer with

a cap, driving tractor

would share his confident knowing

of life






I wish you a wonderful day


11 thoughts on “Reviewing views of Life

  1. Lotta – I am thankful for the technology we have these days, but I need that time out in nature. It inspires me, nourishes and refreshens me. Love this post!


  2. What a beautiful post and images Lotta!

    I know exactly what you say because I also feel the need to connect to nature…something that I keep bringing up in my book. Truly, cutting the biblical chord off mother earth, creates problems, both in the soul and the body.

    The Greek people have lived for thousands of years of the earth and not only did well but thrived. These past 30-40 years, they left the countryside and moved to big cities where they lost their identity and their spirit, not to say, lately, their livelihood also.

    This past summer, with all the problems I was dealing, would be much worse if I was not surrounded by the beautiful mountains and valleys, the rivers and the springs, the beautiful sunsets of my beloved Arcadia.

    Blessings Lotta for always reminding me of what I need!


  3. I agree Lotta nature breathes new ideas into me daily and when I visit the cities I get my people hit for characters as well. I love big cities and lived most of my young days there. BUT country life with young children you cannot beat. Loved your words today friend.


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