Today there was not much time for writing.

Middle daughter needs her room to be finished!

Funny how extremely slow the work went at first.

Then I remembered Librivox recordings! So Sir Arthur Conan Doyle helped me through the lonely hours! Today it was “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. Great reading I could listen to on my phone!

The work went so much easier then.

Meanwhile I was thinking about different paintings.

The other day when I was a bit low and sad I went to my other painting

bild (3)

it’s so much more fun to work with that ! It’s just another painting , or?

I hope to get back to that one day, there is still much work to be done with it.

But I also hope Middle daughter’s room soon will be a nice place for her to live in.

It’s in progress

bild 2

Tomorrow I will do the last of the painting

But somehow I am just wishing for being outdoors!

Well,well, there will be room for that too!

A work in progress, is a work in progress.

I wish you a wonderful, joyful, productive, loving day!

Today is my sister’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kicki! ♥


7 thoughts on “Painting – or painting?

  1. Beautiful painting. Painting is painting, or not? The girl will love the room when it’s finished. Thanks for sharing the progress, and the listening tip. 🙂 Visiting from UBC


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