I haven’t always loved art. At least I haven’t until now been aware of loving art.

But I have always loved the comics with Modesty Blaise! And what amazing artists who made her! Peter O’Donell, writer and Jim Holdaway and Enrique Romero the main illustrators. (You may follow the links below to read more about them)

The comic strips about this admirable woman lasted 38 years!

It inspired me to write a post about it last year. Today I recalled it and wanted to repost it just for a heads up for the persistence these artists showed in their work.

I have always loved a good story!

Modesty Blaise has at all times been involved in good stories!

She conquers all her enemies with clever, powerful techniques, physically fit, strong and unafraid.

Gracefully independent. Dependable coworker and friend.

Many reasons for Willie Garvin to call her Princess, ever since they first met and she believed in him.

Would she become a mother it would be with graze and great sense of justice and responsibility.

She always protects and speaks for the vulnerable and those without voice.

The clue to her success? She believes in herself.

I send many thanks to Peter O’Donell (1920-2010) the writer of the comic strip that lasted from 1963-2001 (!) and  the artist Jim Holdway (1927-1970)

After Jim Holdaway’s death Enrique Badia Romero (1930-  ) carried on. With short interruptions by John Burns, Patrick Wright and Neville Colvin.

They have all put hard work into their art.

Let us all work hard with our art!

A short and snappy post that was. Today I would have added that she has actually made an impact on and in my life. As art does, even if we are not aware of it at the moment, we might realise it 40 years later (or so). During the years I have considered her fairness and independence as great virtues. Her wisdom and bravery. When I became a mother I thought about the orphan Modesty who managed to handle life while growing up, but in a little different way and refreshingly ‘out of the box’. I’ve been helped many times thinking “If Modesty Blaise could make it, so can we”.

So art changes us. Art changes our perspective of life. It lightens up our day, or makes us sad. It may change the way we look at other people we meet or situations we handle. That is illuminating!

Keep your senses wide open for anything to do with art today!

May your day be prosperous and full of joy.


12 thoughts on “The Image of a true woman

  1. Interesting perspective of the female cartoons. They do often seem confident don’t they. I am a creative person so I see art everywhere. Thank you though for giving me a new perspective on the art of cartoons 🙂


  2. I never gave much thought to what has influenced me through my life, but your blog made me start to ponder that idea. I am not familiar with Modesty Blaise, but now I am curious to read the cartoon, as I really like seeing a female character that likes herself. Once again you tapped into my mind and gave me pause to ponder my own life. Thanks!


  3. For me art is everywhere it could be a display painted in the sky by nature. Music of the birds and yes awesome comics thanks for reminding me to appreciate what I love best about art, it inspires my art.


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