Imagine, this time of the year, when we actually see life around us!

It is impossible not to be moved and touched by natures amazing, changing scenery!

Just like different parts of the year, our days also contains different parts of sorrow and joy.

If we look around and actually see life we get a better chance to make our days and nights manageable as we focus on the joyful parts and the sorrows may be diminished as they loose power.




Time to bring in flowers sensitive to frost:


Now I am ready for coffee reflected by the rays of fall


I wish you a beautiful day!


12 thoughts on “Falling in love with fall, all over

  1. I love your fall pictures. I reminded my of when you would go up to the Laurentians (near Montreal) and just be one with nature. I have a beautiful photo of my son when he was 6. It was raining a bit and cold and I took a photo of him near the red and orange maple trees. He had an aqua green winter jacket. With his dark brown hair and eyes, the contrasts in the photo made it remarkable. I will need to go through my box of photos now and try to retrieve it so that I can once again enjoy fall.
    Thank you for your post.
    Claudette Chenevert
    The Stepmom Coach


  2. Aaaahhh Fall, that beautiful time of the year where the outside world changes and the inside world continues to get warmer. Your pictures bring back those memories for me. Loving the joys and sorrows of life. Thanks


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