I just love the concept of Yin & Yang.

At least the parts I know about.

There might be all sorts of explanation and ancient history and cultural aspects I am not aware of.

But I truly need to think about the aspects of balance in life!

Complementary forces interacting to form a dynamic system

Explanation from Wikipedia (follow this link to read more)

Thats how I figured out how clever the Biblical advice about a Resting Day is.

During long periods of my life I have worked Sundays and that has been mentally tough for me. Walking away from a sleepy family, who are planning for a fresh new Sunday, knowing when you come home in the evening you are too tired to participate in anything. During the day watching family groups being out together and in your heart just wishing for being with the ones you love.

Life is gracious to me in this stage of my life. I am free on Sundays. I wake up and make plans for a whole new, fresh Sunday with  my family. That’s how I found out the wisdom in a resting day. It really is ok to say “I am resting today”. It is wise not to arrange for to many things to do.

I am fully aware of the necessity for many to work Sundays. My heart aches for those who must while they wish for being with friends and family. Not everybody thinks it is a problem. For many it is an opportunity to make more money, or for meeting people and being busy, instead of having nothing special to do. In my country you normally get twice the salary on Sundays, that is a great motivation.

But for me there is balance in having: Resting Day – Busy Day

There are many other aspects of life when balance is very helpful. Just being aware of the fact that aiming for balance is good way to get along in life is helpful. Not so many are talking about Yin & Yang nowadays. I don’t know why, the concept couldn’t possibly be out of date. But fashion comes and goes, so does philosophies.

Anyway, today is a great Day and I am happy to enjoy it!

I wish you to make this a really good day


10 thoughts on “The out of date concept of – Yin & Yang?

  1. I think the concept of balance is one of the single most important concepts for us to master and it crosses all themes of life. Thanks for your message!


  2. I am not very familiar with ying & yang. I’ve heard of it, just not that familiar with the principals. But I believe very much in Sunday as a day of rest. I think it is such an important opportunity that we need to take advantage of.


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