There are important Days during the year!

  • The Day of the UN (24 October)
  • The Day for Women (8 March)
  • The Day for Breast Cancer (25 October)
  • The Day for Teachers (5 October)

and many, many others.

During such a special Day I sense a solemnity, and hope for the human race for acknowledging the exposed and vulnerable. I send thoughts of gratitude to the brave individuals who have fought for their rights and encouraged others to follow!

Then there is October 4

In relation to the big, important Days of the world this might sound frivolous and unimportant, but there actually is a point to this Day too!

The Official Day of the Cinnamon Roll

I know, it sounds silly, but please bear with me and follow the thinking.

Back in the year 1999 the Swedish Home baking Council instituted this great symbol for home baking. The one thing that cherishes the very soul of the nation, the people in it and their homes. The herd where the food is made for the family and where families and friends are gathered together for holidays and everydays. The Cinnamon Roll is equally important to all occasions and all people.

The Home Baking Council was founded in 1959 and has tirelessly aimed for the good of Home Baking. They work together with companies providing us with the necessary ingredients like sugar, flour, butter, yest, milk etc. They arrange seminars and lectures for anyone interested and especially for food training schools of all kinds. The have published many good books over the years and educational TV shows. At the time for their 40 years Anniversary the Day of the Cinnamon Roll was the symbol of their work and spirit.

Nowadays we do not bake at home as much as we used to. Time is an issue and the stores are filled with priceworthy, good products. So buying a bag of rolls and open at home for a precious moment with friends and family is the possibility of today. But no one can deny that the aroma of freshly baked in the stores give us a warm and homely feeling.

Today I will give an extra thought to the enthusiasts in the Council of Home Baking who help us keep the spirit of Home, Handcraft, Food and other worthful ingredients alive.


Siv Florén, awarded as Homebaker of the year, in 2003. She is also twice Guinness awarded in baking. Both times she gave the money to charity.


I wish you a beautiful, cinnamon tasting Day!



6 thoughts on “Today is an Official Day :)

  1. I have to say, I think this is one of your best posts! Your English was impeccable and I learned something new and interesting. I shall always remember this, thank to you!


  2. I love this! I am a home baker and I make and sell dog treats. I totally believe in the way that the Council of Home Baking does. I will look them up and follow how they help us keep the spirit of Home, Handcraft, Food and other worthful ingredients alive. Thank you!


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