Isn’t it absolutely fantastic that we woke up to a brand new day Today?!

The moment when sleep is departing our mind and we realize we are alive to see a new day.

The first breath, and then a second and a third.

I resist the temptation of reaching for my phone. I know all the new impulses will disturb my own awakening and gathering of thoughts and emotions for my new day.

Long ago, when I was an emotional mess, I started to give thanks to Life  with my first waking thought of the day. It is a rewarding habit. Life becomes a gift and manageable.

Last night I dreamt about my immediate death. And the funny thing is, I didn’t panic about it. I just felt calm and thought “Thank you for this life I’ve had”. And then there was nothing more to it. I recalled the dream when I woke up and I wondered what it would mean. Then I remembered a statement I once heard, that dreaming about death means the end of something and that will lead to a beginning of something else. Today I wonder where my life is leading me now. That is an exciting thought.

Adapting the habit of being grateful really doesn’t matter if you belong to a religion or not:

seeing life and everything in it, and being grateful about it, gives you the value to your life that makes it worth living


….and it really does make a difference.


I wish you a beautiful day!




10 thoughts on “Today’s Gorgeous Perspective

  1. Your blog made me smile as soon as I got to your page. Thank you for your gratitude. It is addicting. And yes, you will never know what each day will bring. We are climbing up the stairs, one at a time with more awareness and gratitude for each step.


  2. Lotta a very good reminder to me and everyone about how precious life is. We run around in the rat race and sometimes we forget to breathe. I also wake with a positive thought to start the new day, with optimism at my side I take the blows a little better. Some days good some….well not so perfect. Good luck with the new vibe, I think it is about your writing.


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