When someone is saying Yes, does it really means no?!

I think we have all experienced it on both sides of the fence.

The silly thing is, you didn’t expect them to do it for you. They volunteered and you said:

“Well, yes, thank you. I do appreciate that!”

And then you hear nothing from them, and then nothing again.

Considering to send a frisky note, asking friendly if the deal is still on.

Waiting more days.

And then, excuses. Couldn’t make it for some reasons.

Well, I know about reasons. They happen to me all the time.

But perhaps, perhaps we ought to think things through, just for a milli-second. “Will I be able to follow this all the way if that is what I am offering?”

If the answer is ‘no’. Please don’t offer!

I know this may happen to all of us. So we need to practice.

Be honest to yourself when looking at the calendar. Is it possible to squeeze one more appointment into your days? Do I have enough energy to prioritize this before something else?

If you are uncertain, tell the person “I will try” and then do your best to see it through!

The person will be so happily surprised!

It’s so much more fun to make people happy than sad!

I wish you a beautiful day!


10 thoughts on “Saying Yes or No.

  1. I need to plead guilty. I am one of those people who gets a little too excited when it comes to taking on projects, and then I find that I have over-committed and am unable to do justice to everything I took on. Lesson learned.
    Am visiting from the UBC challenge. Wish you all the best.


    1. Sorry for making you feel guilty Cynthia! Absolutely not my intention! Let’s look ahead and join in learning as we go! Thanks for reading! See you in UBC. Wish you the best too! 😃


  2. Two good thoughts for taday, Make sure you mean it when you say yes. And be consistant with your blogging every day. Both positive. Well done. Visiting from UBC.


  3. Lotta I say yes sometimes when I want to help and then things just get in the way…..I need to learn to not spread myself too thin! Thanks for the insightful words on this topic I will be strong in my decisions I think it gets easier to say no as I age.


  4. Lotta – are you watching my life with an invisible camera? I had just that experience the other day. A friend who said ‘yes’ to meeting me, then berated me for making her late, with no lunch and stressed! I wish she has said ‘no’. Would have been better for both of us.


  5. Lotta, this is a good post, as it reminds us not to commit when not certain we’ll make it. We also have to consider our time limitations and our own needs to be less involved as well as evaluate what we gain or lose by saying “yes” or “no.”


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