Thursday 9.50 am

On the airplane, waiting for Take Off.

Always the exciting feeling of a new adventure. So welcome! I have been too grounded for so long. New views ahead!

On our part the journey started this morning with frantic searching for golf shoes since it is a golf trip we aim for. Finally in a bag we’ve all passed without seeing several times they showed up!

Then having coffee and conversation for too long resulted in a very fast drive (don’t tell anyone!) to the trainstation.

With only few minutes until train departure we search in vain for the ticket machine when the train arrives! We realize we must get on without tickets, this will cost us expensive penalty fees!

Seated in the train the train hostess appears in the compartment. We feel like school kids waiting for the headmaster, hearts pounding….. and she passes us!! Not asking for tickets!

We glance sideways at each other,
– What happened really?!

So, the train runs for almost an hour, stops a couple of times, no controls, then approaches the airport. A new train hostess appears…
– Tickets, please!
Now we must tell our long rehearsed story about why we don’t have any. She looks very surprised,
-Have you been sitting here all this time without tickets?!

Shameful nods, trying to look like responsible adults at the same time, trying again to cover our actions with words.
– Two minutes from your destination…. I wont fine you, but don’t do this again. It would have costed you 1000 sek each! (Approx 150$)

So the whole trip costed us nothing, thanks to that good hearted woman!

Visiting the airport truly sparks my life spirit!

All the people with different destinations and origins. The variety in mentalities, looks, manners.

Speed altering from slow; sleeping persons on floors and/or row if chairs and fast; business men running to gates, loudspeaker: – Mr Andersson please proceed to gate A29.

But I don’t need to hurry and I don’t need to sleep. The time is just about right. A steady move towards our gate. Looking at flashy taxfree shops, without needing anything.

As always I tell myself, while silently watching and living in the moment of life around me, to travel more often, to experience more! But at home I feel resistance to leaving the children and my comfortable chair.

What if living my new approach to life would include visiting more new places?!

That thought makes my heart jump in anticipation.

I would so very much like to visit my virtual friends in USA and GB. I have a dear friend in Australia too. But I’ve been in that direction once and it is a looong way to go. Besides, my experiences weren’t completely positive at that time, which I know I shouldn’t blame a whole continent for. Well, well, that’s another story.

So, will I dare to make another trip soon? I sure hope so!

Do you also feel more alive when you travel sometimes?

Perhaps I’ll be back and tell you more about the destination: Bratislava, Slovakia

I wish you a beautiful day, wherever you are!



4 thoughts on “A Story of how a Journey starts

  1. Wow Lotta I loved this story, I use enjoy the buzz in the airport as well the anticipation of a new journey. I felt your nervousness waiting for the conductor on the train too, very well written. I am sorry your trip to Oz was not a great experience. If you ever make the long journey over at least you have one aussie that will make you feel at home. To my writing soul sister I wish you many more positive adventures. In all my time travelling I can’t say I ever had a bad enough experience that would stop me from going back, I guess I was lucky.


  2. Well Lotta, since you started us this journey with you; I think it only fair that you continue to write so we all can vicariously live this journey with you….pleeaassee more beautiful pictures, the tastes, the smells, the light on things, the food, the feeling of the air on your skin. Come on it’s Bratislava, Slovakia!!! Now I’m off to look at a world map and find out where you (and now me) are. Loving it, Laura


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