The other day I started to think about certain turns my life has taken.

I happened to grow up in a semi-religious home. My mother was over convinced her Christian belief was the only right way, and my father was certain there was no good in gods, religions, congregations, beliefs. This has probably made me a bit confused from time to time.

Being very young I choose to go where my mother went, and started to follow her on meetings and Bible studies  I got accustomed to follow rules set by the elders and from reading the material I was supposed to read. I got quite good at it and I was a member of the congregation, always giving the right answers and never doing or saying anything “wrong”.

How do I get from that story to the story of meditation?

Because, meditation was one of the “wrongs”

Today, for me, meditation is right!

Today I have the freedom to choose!

Today I have the freedom to be thankful for everything around me!

Today I have the freedom to think whatever I want. I have the freedom to do whatever I want, but I set the rules myself about not hurting anybody and always try to help others when I can. I do it by choice not by force. And I love it!

Today I choose to respect other people’s religions and beliefs. And I am not afraid of religious people as I used to be.  Life has made it possible for me to see and listen to them with love instead of fear.

I am truly grateful for my present Christian friends! They have taught me so much about love and life.

Religion is a tricky subject. It has taken me 8 months to dare to submit this post!

Many of us have experiences from religions

Do you have experience in changing fear to love in relation to religion?

If you think this is interesting please share in comments and links

Peace and love


9 thoughts on “Meditation, freedom to choose!

  1. I understand. I grew up in a liturgical church which my mom dragged me to. My dad never stepped foot except for my brothers baptism. I left the church for many years, wasn’t “into” it and didn’t like the rules. What a joy when Jesus caught up with me and I learned that we DO all have freedom of choice. It is His gift so he won’t have robots, he wants relationships, love. Lotta, keep being brave on your journey. I am a Christ follower, but to me meditation isn’t so different than slowing down to pray. Slowing the mind down to breathe and ponder.


  2. Lotta, very well written post, that I am sure many will appreciate!

    I grew up in church, Sunday schools, and religion classes. Then, when I “grew up,” doubts and questions settled in. When back in the School as an adult, I wanted to take a course on World Religions, with a professor I liked from sociology classes. The whole class did. His reply: “If you are an agnostic, by all means take the class. If you have great faith in your religion and nothing can shake it, join the class. If however you are questioning many things and are not sure about your religion or yourself, then stay out because I will make you even more confused.”

    I was too scared to sign for that class, because I did not trust myself.

    I read on other religions, I kept doubting mine, I kept going to church, I did not know how to pray, I got angry with politics, I doubted some more. But I would not give up and at some point, everything fell into place.

    I learned how to pray, how to meditate, how to enjoy and connect through the church, through mystical books, the scriptures and spiritual reading from around the world, I learned how to trust God and Love Jesus, how to forgive those who created the rules many of which I don’t agree with but I understand, and most important than everything that God was with me at every moment, at every place I was, in doubt or in confidence.

    I have written a few essays in my book about my struggle with, and salvation through, the church, Jesus and God…I will share.

    Bless you Lotta for sharing your thoughts!


  3. Ahh Lotta, I am so grateful for this post. I have just joined tribewriters and it seems that most folk are believers. They can feel the power of God in their lives. I am not a believer in any external God, but like you practice meditation, which helps me to find my own spirituality free from rules and expectations. My husband is a Christian and goes to church on a Sunday while I stay home and write. It is not a problem for us. Each to his own.


  4. Lotta, your post resonates with me so strongly. Growing up, my parents professed to be Christians, while at the same time openly expressing racial, ethnic and religious bigotry. I “threw out the baby with the bathwater,” thinking that Christianity was boring and hypocritical and doubting that God exists at all. Through many years of praying, searching and meditating, I came to know God personally and eventually returned to the Christian faith. And by the way, meditation (regardless of what you learned growing up) has always been a Christian discipline, it is the listening aspect of prayer. “Be still and know that I am God,” it says in the Bible. Bless you friend!


  5. An inspiring post indeed.

    What resonated for me was your line, “Today I have the freedom to choose!”

    This is clearly a blessed state to be in. How could you now support others around you to reach this state?



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