skrivbok penna

Today I share something embarrassing and amazing at the same time.

Last week I submitted a poem ( two actually) to a site, and it was rejected (both actually). It is very embarrassing, but I know it happens to everybody (does it really?)

The amazing part about it was, when I found out about the page wanting contributions I sat down to think out something clever, but suddenly the words came flooding so fast I could hardly write fast enough and surely not think about what came down. It was definitely some inspiration from the Universe and not something I figured out on my own. That was amazing. I have only heard about it happening to others and wishing it would strike me someday, and it did.

I thought a lot about how the poem would be received. When I looked at it, it was not very modern or innovatory, and probably not what they were looking for. But since I was sure the Universe had made the effort to make it written I would definitely send it anyway!

So, it got rejected. But I can still publish it, here!

Enjoy! Words of inspiration!

The light of life
the presence
of active activity
for preserving
the peaceful thoughts
of individuals
on earth
and in heaven

No hesitation, not stalling
there is no way
that is broken
or clouded
it is all coming free
loosing it’s chains,
free is the thought of
of individuals
for each one of us
and others

Don’t wait
don’t hesitate
to start
to go on
to finish
what could do good
to others
and yourself
and nature
around us

All connected
in intensified
nothing to hold
the power of
good, of life,
of wanting and
for good
and for love
and joy
but most of all

I wish you a peaceful day


18 thoughts on “Words from inspiration

  1. I love that it came rushing out and onto your page, I love that you shared it with us and each rejection is a lesson learned keep putting them out there Lotta you have good message and I love your soft gentle approach to life.


  2. That’s how I live my life (some say too much) I don’t hesitate and if I do I give myself a good talking to! Love this so much everyone should have this on their walls or above the bed when they wake!


  3. Lovely poem, Lotta! I’m so pleased you shared it. Their loss is our gain. I can relate to the inspiration flowing free moments. They are rare but all the more precious for it. One night I just couldn’t settle for sleep as words kept breaking forth. I simply had to capture them before they were missed and forgotten. Eventually, the poem made its way on to my blog and was well received.
    You are brave to send two poems for submission as it’s a scary thing to do. Well done for having the courage of your convictions! This beautiful poem might well suit another venue. Keep on believing, creating and sharing, my friend. The world is richer for your contribution.


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