Nature is forgiving, I think we ought to be too!

Last year a deep ditch was dug around the house for a new water connection pipe. There has been no grass in that area during the whole year and it looked really ugly, until now.

Last years scar in the lawn is hardly visible now. The traces of violation is covered in green, smooth, soft grass. Next year I might not even remember the incident. Because the result now is a beautiful part in Natures amazing scenery!

Each year there is a time for quiet rest in nature. The long, cold period of recovery and gathering of strenght.

When the outburst of growth is due the result is magnificent! The colours! The sounds! The vibrance of life! The mere presence in the midst of it is so explosively energetic! So powerful!

That is what is happening to us when we let Nature heal our scars. When we let the old wounds be forgiven.

The new growth will be vivifying powerful!

Sensing the nature around us is a great helper to realize who we are and how we could live our lives.

Accepting the dramatic scenarios.
Appreciate the small favours.

Acknowledge gratitude for the joy of experiencing life!

Together we can encourage each other to honor nature and so ourselves. Encourage each other to growth into truthful, loving humans. And helping each other to find peace in the life around us.

Embrace your growth.

Love to you



7 thoughts on “Nature is forgiving

  1. This is beautifully stated, Lotta. What a poignant reminder that forgiveness has such a healing power. Thank you for sharing your heart and in so doing, touching mine.


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