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We all come to stages in life when we don’t really know how to act and react. When we don’t know, we want to ask someone to tell us what to do. It’s only natural. We can’t be all-wise and especially not about our own lives. Sometimes we get advises we don’t feel right about and sometimes we experience an enlightening of a matter thanks to their advises and thanks to the fact we are ventilating our problems and speaking them out loud.

We also seem to learn that the friendliest advises don’t tell us exactly what to do, but instead encourages us to find out with our own heart what is the right solution.

My poem of today kind of speaks of two things at the same time but they are linked together, just the way they are in real life. And in real life we also want to find the solution.

This is another day when the words keep coming in short sentences. I try not to analyze why and how come. What matters are words wanting to be shared in any form and lately this is the way they turn out:


The soft voice of a friend

telling you what to do

when you are out of answers,

healing for your heart

and mind.

Without that voice you

might feel lost

and lonely.


Your confusion leads you

on winding mental roads

when you can’t stop repeatedly

turning same thoughts

over and over

in your mind,

but try this:

there is no question.


Without questions

the confusion is powerless


you are in power.

Your own soft, inner voice

telling you what to do

when you let go of your

controlling, confusing thoughts


Sometimes your mind

is telling you tricks

to confuse you,

don’t listen.

The road for you heart

sense no disorder,

your honesty

and respect for yourself

will be your guiding light.


My gracious gratitude

to life

for the friends

I have

overwhelming, openhearted

loving, learning

they help me

find peace

in me.



In addition to my words above I want to show you a quote from one of the Greats:


A friend is one that knows you as you are,

understands where you have been,

accepts what you have become,

and still, gently allows you to grow

William Shakespeare


Take good care of you

and until we meet again

Love and Peace


14 thoughts on “You are in power

  1. You are blessed with the gift of poetry, something I struggle with yet love reading. I agree we all have it within us to solve our own challenges but sometimes a little encouragement from a friend telling you, that you are on the right track goes along way in my book.


      1. It is in your Heart Lotta, just write it however it feels natural to you. You are unique and I can feel the writer bursting through you, just write it, write what ever is there. I was struggling this week to find inspiration for my blog post and I just started writing whatever was in there and when I post it, you will see it came straight from my heart onto the page, it may not be good but it is real and needed to come out. I am here to cheer you onwards as I know how talented you are.


        1. I am so grateful to you Kath! It really makes all the difference! Your blog is a beautiful place where I sense your true words and art. I am so happy you wrote that post from your heart!


  2. There’s nothing I hate more than confusion. Thank goodness for friends who can give us the objectivity we need to escape the tricks our minds play. Love it. Love the Shakespeare quote, too!


  3. I miss your posts, and poems…You!

    I felt this poem was written for me because you describe exactly what you do for me!
    But then, I know it could also have been written for many others, because you are a great friend to many.

    Seemingly simple yet deep and elegant, your poem touched my heart like a gentle caress, and just like all your words, it has the power to empower and inspire me to be a better friend and better person.

    Blessings and Love, Lotta!


      1. Lotta, You have it in your heart to be a great friend, soothing and inspiring with love and compassion. You poems are you! Before too long you’ll put together a beautiful anthology!


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